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Written by Ellen Bird | Feb. 27, 2020

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choosing the best essential oils for your travels

Moving more and more towards a healthier lifestyle, essential oils have become – well, essential to my everyday life. Being on the road a lot as well, I have found that essential oils and essential oil tinctures can make the difference between a night out or a week in bed. These are some of the best essential oils that I use to support my traveling lifestyle.

Wherever you end up traveling, there is typically some time spent in transit. Though I am optimistic that time-travel can and will happen soon, getting on airplanes, long bus rides, and the like is still a current reality. One of the best essential oils that I have ever found for reducing swelling in the legs and body after sitting for hours on end is Circulatory Flow. As the name implies, this formula keeps things moving. Massaged into the legs right before, during, and following a long ride in an airplane or car has reduced discomfort and swelling greatly in my experience. It is by far one of my favorite essential oils for travel as it just makes the whole experience so much more comfortable.

 On a somewhat similar thread, Pain Relief Ice and Alleviate are two more of my favorite essential oils for travel. As the names imply, these two powerful allies are to be used topically to help support the healing and alleviation of pain at any point during your travels. The difference between these two is that Pain Relief Ice contains natural menthol ingredients that will cool the skin after application, and it is not to be used on open wounds. This is more for headaches, muscle aches, tension, sore backs, and to relieve symptoms of pain from any deeper issues like pulled muscles. Alleviate on the other hand is a warming formulation that isn’t as much for pain as it is for speeding up the healing process. Its amazing regenerative properties make it perfect and safe to put directly on cuts, rashes, and open wounds. It is very soothing and can reduce the time of wound recovery significantly.

Digestif is a necessary essential oil for travel for me, as my travels take me all over the world. Eating foods that are from different countries tends to offer the risk of parasitic or bacterial infection in our bodies, as the microbes tend to be foreign to our system. One drop of the Digestif tincture on top of the tongue before eating your meal can act as a great preventative to food borne illnesses. As well, taken upon first signs of an upset stomach, this amazing essential oil for travel has saved me from getting food poisoning, and possibly even parasites, more than once. The Digestif also comes in an essential oil blend form as well, and I have found that rubbing a few drops topically over the whole stomach area has given me almost instant relief from stomach pains and discomfort.

boosting your immunity is important when on the road

Super Immune Boost and Immunity Oil are two formulations that are excellent immunity-supporting essential oils for travel. Similar to the “thieves” formulation, these are some of the best essential oils for stopping a cold or flu virus right in its tracks. Within the first symptoms of a flu, I have taken one drop of the Super Immune Boost tincture hourly – right on top of my tongue – and then inhaled deeply into my lungs and my flu went away quicker than ever before. With viruses being so easily spread while traveling, I find this one to be something I prepare with ahead of transit, during, and throughout my trip. If you travel with an essential oil diffuser or essential oil vaporizer, Immunity Oil is great, as this oil blend is even more concentrated and will allowing the vapor to enter the lungs on an even deeper level. I have also had experience with the Super Immune Boost tincture clearing out a urinary tract infection (UTI) I was experiencing while I was on the road. I find these two to be some of the best overall immunity-boosting products out there!

Shower in a Bottle is more than an essential oil – it is a shower in a bottle! Yes, that’s right – Shower in a Bottle is a miraculous invention of Dr. Nick’s that I believe everyone should carry with them when they travel. This spray-on deodorant has been revolutionary for me, as I have had a hard time finding a natural deodorant that didn’t irritate my highly-sensitive skin. Shower in a Bottle is about as natural as it gets, and it actually works. The list of ingredients is short, sweet, and perfect for anyone who likes to carry their shower with them, wherever they go.

Last, and certainly not least, no trip is complete without Respire. This essential oil blend was formulated as a go-to anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral product that has more than one use. Respire works as a bronchodilator so it opens the blood vessels in the lungs. Take a few drops into your hands and inhale deeply in order to stimulate the immune system and bring health back into the body. This is a great essential oil blend to have with you if you are camping or find yourself somewhere that has dust, smoke, or a lot of pollution in the air. This essential oil is very light, refreshing, and has minty qualities, which make it great to apply to the temples as well, if you are experiencing a headache. Also, I have found Respire to be a great additive to my laundry, whether I am washing by hand or machine, as it has the ability to kill off mold, bacteria, or viral loads.

Whether you are traveling locally or far, across country or the globe, I find that it is important to begin a trip fully prepared. With these essential oils for travel tips, we hope you find your journeys to be even more fulfilling, healthful, and abundant.

  Happy Travels

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