Essential Oil Tincture Package


Essential Oil Tincture Set

Cellular Restore, Chai Perfect, Coral Waves, Cosmic Orgasm, Digestif, Ecstatic Dance Drops, Eu-Phoria Drops, Krishna Immune Boost, Moon Cycle, Positive Transmission, Prosperity, Psychic Protection, Release, Sensation, Spark!, Summer Breeze



Essential Oil Tincture Package

This ecstatic set includes the following essential oil tinctures formulated by Dr. Nick – this package is available in 1 Dram (~3.69 mL) or 15 mL tinctures sizes:

  • Cellular Restore
  • Chai Perfect
  • Coral Waves
  • Cosmic Orgasm
  • Digestif
  • Ecstatic Dance Drops
  • Eu-Phoria Drops
  • Krishna Immune Boost
  • Moon Cycle
  • Positive Transmission
  • Prosperity
  • Psychic Protection
  • Release
  • Sensation
  • Spark!
  • Summer Breeze

Retail Value ($222|$415) ~

** If one item is out-of-stock, a single substitution may be added into order –  if multiple items are out-of-stock, you will be contacted about any updates to your Essential Oil Tincture Package.  Thank you!! <3

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1 Dram Tinctures, 15 mL Tinctures

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