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After-Sun Care Pack

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Care Well For Your Summer Skin!

This beautiful bundle of magic is the perfect companion for your summertime adventures where you will be showing off any of your skin to the summer’s sun. Protective agents as well as moisturizing and regenerating essential oils are here to support you on all your summer activities this year.

1 x 15mL Lavender Essential Oil (Shasta)
1 x 15mL CO2 Extracted Cocoa
1 x 15mL Violet Chill

After-Sun Care Pack

Another special package set for your summer adventures, the After-Sun Care Pack is specifically targeted to caring for your skin after exposure to the sun's rays.

Pure Lavender essential oil is well-known and studied for its deep healing capacity and regenerative qualities. Make sure to dilute this one if you have extra sensitive skin, though applying neat (without a carrier) tends to be comfortable for those even for those with more sensitive skin.

Next comes our CO2 extracted Cocoa essential oil - a thick, creamy, chocolatey-smelling C02 extract that you will no longer leave the home without before and after spending some time under the sun's rays. Slather this one on after sun-exposure for moisturization, hydration, and deep rejuvenation to your precious skin cells. The Cocoa will be solid at room temperature; If you bring this into the sun with you, this shouldn't be an issue. Be free to remove the protective topper from the lid before applying if you desire to get more out of the bottle than one drop at a time.

And Violet Chill. The all-around relaxing, soothing, regenerating essential oil blend. This one certainly serves more purposes than just one during your summer adventures! Violet Chill contains all essential oils that are great for speeding up the healing process of burns and rashes, so it makes perfect sense for after-sun skincare. At the same time, bring this bottle around with you when you are in need of some relief from bug bites, other types of burns, and rashes. A third added bonus to Violet Chill is its ability to relax the entire nervous system and calm the body when it's time for rest. Many mamas and papas like to use this on the bottoms of the feet of their little ones when it's time for nap or sleep. This one is already infused in a carrier oil (Fractionated Coconut Oil), so no need to dilute further in most cases.


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