Ultrasonic Extracts are botanical extracts which contain the full spectrum of active constituents and phytochemicals.  These Ultrasonic Extracts contain lipids, terpenes, phenols, plant alkaloids, flavonoids, carbonylic compounds, antioxidants, vitamins, pigments & enzymes – yielding a rich, full-spectrum extract.  Ultrasonic extraction and Ultrasonic assisted extraction produces improved extraction results. This is defined as higher yields producing high quality extracts exbihiting a complete compound / aroma profile and rich flavor characteristics.

Ultrasonic waves produce a mechanical shear force through the process of cavitation which break down the cell walls of plant material.  This powerful sheering action releases the active constituents found in the plant directly into the solvent at room temperatures. It’s possible to concentrate this full-spectrum enriched Ultrasonic Solution and reduce it down into an Ultrasonic Extract using vacuum distillation at low temperatures which separates the solvent from the extract.  

We choose to use water as our filtered / structured water solvent for our Ultrasonic Extracts ~ water gives life and acts as a stable solvent.  Using water as a solvent has some advantages and disadvantages. We are most excited about water’s stability, non-flammability and life-giving, non-toxic nature.  Through this steady and time-consuming process we can produce an Ultrasonic Extract without any residual solvent toxins, and water is an abundant fluid necessary for life!

Subjective experience demonstrates these extracts can truly be felt when ingested – they bring forth a plant’s essence and medicinal qualities, spanning from low-dose subtleties to a balanced and full-spectrum experience.  Many people who have never experienced effects from tinctures find that Ultrasonic Extracted Tinctures produce a noticable effect!  My personal experience is Ultrasonic Extracts produce an effective medium for delivering the full spectrum of therapeutic aspects offered by an individual plant into a finalized concentrated extract.

Here are a few notable advantages to the Ultrasonic Extractions, joyfully produced by Essential Oil Wizardry:

    • Low temperature extractions (~ <100 F) using Filtered / Structured Water as the solvent.
    • Ultrasonic waves break down particle size which may enhance bioavailability and absorption into the body.  
    • Our collection of Rare & Exotic medicinal herbs / plant collection produce unique therapeutic solutions.
    • We take the utmost care for each plant extraction process to minimize breakdown of delicate therapeutic molecules.
    • Recombining final extracts with plant Hydrosols, Structured Water and Organic Craft Spirits for a potent artisan product.
    • You will feel the effects of the plant when using these tinctures.  

We began our Ultrasonic Extraction journey in 2018 ~ currently we produce small runs (1 – 1.25 pounds) which we take into completed product within a week for our artisan extracts.  So far we’ve learned so much from our mistakes from cracked flasks, leaking jars, clogging filters with micronized gum/resin, expiring saturated plant material.

Our successes have yielded beautiful Ultrasonic Hydrosols & Ultrasonic Extracts alike ~ using our Ultrasonic Extracts we’ve produced concentrated Artisan Ultrasonic Extract Tinctures:

Mugwort, Damiana, Skullcap,

The Essential Oil Wizardry Team is growing each year ~ Our Dreams for a better planet with healthier humans, ecosystem and more balanced living are wide & bold.  Our community is humbled by the magick of our Ultrasonic Extracts and we feel that this may be the dawn of a new type of full-spectrum therapeutic products brought out upon the market.  We are here to test the botanical seas, to swim into the depths of consciousness & vitality <3

Written by Dr. Nick Berry



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