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~ Friction Creates Pearls ~

Spanish attraction and passion can create pressure ~ Polish Perfume is inspired by Spain, love and the imagination of potential energy – remember to breathe & take space to cherish the gifts in our life.

Organic Bergamot (Italy)
Organic Cistus (Spain)
Lavender Seville Absolute (Spain)
Orange Essence (S. Africa)
Porcino Mushroom Absolute (France)
Roman Chamomile (England)
Organic Rosemary Verbenone (S. Africa)
Organic Thyme linalool (France)

infused into Organic Artisan Crafted Lychee Alcohol

Docta's Notes: What is rich, decadent, multi-dimensional and comes in a bottle? Polish is inspired by a never-ending Love story which invites human beings to play in their imagination and dream the perfect relationship. Add 3 parts passion, 5 parts dreams, 9 hectres of time, a heaping of Ashland, a few dashes of mushroom extract, a transition pilgramage, community integration, some laughter & dance.

Remember to breathe in & seize the moment. We have the opportunity to receive the gifts of ourselves and those around us. Be in our truth and allow all the potential energy to expand and be in the flow with the kinetic experience. Inspired by a dear love to me that shares much adornment, vision and believes in living a bright future. Polish represents the expression of Spanish Love in a bottle: Passion, Fire, Vibrancy, Healthy Living, Creativity, Natural Earth, Wilderness, Wet Mushroom, Herbaceous Creativity, Dance & Play.

Out of the bottle Polish is out of this world and quite chaotic – too much information to really take in initially. The extracts found in Polish were chosen as crops that all fare well growing in Spain – a complex & rich blend of earthy resiliency that expresses citrus (bergamot / orange essence) topped with wild herbs of thyme and rosemary verbenone subtype. As the essence refines itself on the skin, softer green notes come through that smell like a gentle grassy amber ~ a timeless dance of Roman Chamomile & Cistus. As Polish continues to breathe, a beauty is unfurled with complexity evolving of an exotic Lavender Seville Absolute & Mushroom Absolute bringing new levels of musky sweetness into fruition.

Our Organic Artisan Crafted Lychee Alcohol adds some rico fruit layers that turn Polish into a living delicacy as it fun-folds on your body. Get immersed in a Spanish love song and smell the evolving olive notes on your skin as Polish penetrates your senses.

Uses: Set a prayer for clarity, good-will and to seize the moment. Remember to live in gratitude for the gifts in your life. Apply Polish around the neck, chest, wrist point. Cherish the people in your life. Remember that you are a gift. Take space and breathe to fully receive all the abundance in your life.

~ Inspired by Diamor ~

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  1. Dasha (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    Increíble. So lively, sexy, invigorating, provocative! My mood elevates immediately after I put this one on. I feel so adventurous, sophisticated and playful when I wear it! Compliments when I wear it keep on coming!!!

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