~ Dream Flowers ~

Intoxicating soft floral essence whispers of dreams, peace and stillness ~ Mimosa Perfume makes a gentle, loving bouquet for the introvert in all of us!

Ingredients - 100% pure & natural Floral Absolute Extract & Plant Waxes of Mimosa Flowers infused into Organic Artisan Crafted Honey / Coconut Spirits

Docta's Notes: Mimosa flowers are truly dreamy and intoxicating, rich with indole to give you life and beg your breath away for your wildest pleasure. The first time I saw the fresh mimosa tree growing in Downtown Los Angeles, I gazed at it after walking by and the aromatic essence tantalized me. I shared about 30 minutes inhaling, observing the flowers dance in the wind amongst the sunlight and my senses were hypnotized by it’s floral aromatic dreamscape ~

Mimosa is light, floral – I see the color pink when I inhale Mimosa and I think about the first time I smelled a good clean extract of DMT. Perhaps because of the indole content which has a very dreamy and distinct smell, yet soft and gentle ~ my body feels warm & fuzzy and my defenses relax when I wear this aromatic treasure.

Our Mimosa Perfume is a simple, purist appreciation for Mimosa flower ~ we have taken solvent extracted Mimosa Absolute and Mimosa plant waxes (rich in aromatic material) and infused them into Organic Artisan Crafted Honey Spirits.

Uses: Apply to the wrist points, around the body as desired as a botanical perfume. Wonderful, soft and gently powdery – great for days you choose you shine quietly and hone your own happiness!


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