Ceremonial Set



Ceremonial Set

Our Ceremonial Set has been inspired and developed for ceremonies, plant medicine, energetically cleansing and tuning an environment. This is a very versatile set for healers, lightworkers, ceremonialists, shaman and for those who wish to use a set of oils to raise the vibration of their experiences.

Includes 6 Ceremonial Blends ~

  • Purity - Sacred blend designed to cleanse the energy of the environment. First Ceremonial Blend crafted in the Ceremonial Set ~
  • Psychic Protection - Powerful formulation, cuts through negative energy immediate. Great energetic reset button for people, applied around the auric field ~
  • Positive Transmission - Attract more light and positive experiences into your field.  Applied around the auric body - super high vibrational ingredients (see below!)
  • Sacred Ritual - Botanical Perfume, sacred blend for setting intention and activating a ceremony or ritual.  Apply on Third Eye / around auric field
  • Frank Myrrh & Gold - Sacred Anointing Oil inspired by the biblical formulation combining Frankincense, Myrrh and Oil of Gold (alchemical extraction of Gold). Perfect for third eye application, or on wrist points / feet. Great combined with tuning fork use on body!
  • Ascention - Cleansing, energizing blend with bright citrus notes.  Apply to third eye and use as an anointing oil.  Great for dynamic diffusion by placing on finger tips and snapping around the environment / wafting around the auric field.

Ceremonial Set ~ Ingredient List

Purity ~ Myrrh (CO2), Palo Santo, White Sage
Psychic Protection ~ Angelica Root (CO2), Calamus Root (CO2), Cardamom (CO2), Cistus, Cypress Leaf, Galbanum (CO2), Myrrh (CO2), Spikenard, Vetiver
Positive Transmission ~ African Copal Bark (CO2), Cedar Atlas, Elemi, Frankincense, Myrrh (CO2), Tulsi, White Sage
Sacred Ritual ~ Cedar, Frankincense (CO2), Lime (Distilled), Nutmeg (CO2), Peppermint, Rosemary, Vetiver
Frank Myrrh & Gold ~ Frankincense Carteri (CO2), Frankincense Serrata (CO2), Frankincense Sacra, Myrrh, Myrrh (CO2), Oil of Gold
Ascention ~ Hinoki Wood, Lemon, Litsea Cubeba, Ravensara, Rhododendron, Red Champa Absolute C

Each of the blends are infused into Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT) intended to support immediate usage without diluting first.

Package Set Pricing

5 mL - $111 [Retail $137, Save 19%]
10 mL - $155 [Retail $208, Save 26%]
15 mL - $197 [Retail $279, Save 30%]

Last Updated December 2, 2021

Diviner's Eye was removed from the collection due to lack of availability of ingredient (Giant Fir) December 2021.

Legacy information:

Diviner’s Eye - Forest divinity resonates through this blend, clears and enhances an environment and sets the tone for an event.  Apply to third eye or wrist points ~ Chinese Cedar, Davana, Frank Sacra, Giant Fir, Myrrh (CO2), Pine, Black Pepper.

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