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Package Sets are phenomenal kits formulated with the right alchemical blend of Pure Essential Oils, CO2 Extracts, Wizard Alchemy Blends, Therapeutic Formulas, Botanical Perfumes, Rare & Exotics that deliver a well-rounded selection to deliver a complete essential oil starter collection with just one selection! Dive in and explore, there are many specific nuances to invite you to learn more about Essential Oil Wizardry’s botanical collection!

Wizard Alchemy

Wizard Alchemy Blends are potentially Essential Oil Wizardry’s most Popular Products, which are alchemically inspired Therapeutic Formulas, Botanical Perfumes, Ceremonial Blends, Divine-Align: Chakra Set and other Specialized Blends formulated by Dr. Nick and the Essential Oil Wizardry Team.

Each Wizard Alchemy Blend found here is uniquely designed, distributed exclusively through Essential Oil Wizardry and targeted for very specific goals & aromatic expressions. There is a deeper amount of information including Product Videos and Descriptions for each product upon clicking on the item. Welcome to our Ever-Expanding World of Essential Oil Wizardry ~


We offer a variety of Botanical Perfumery. Essential Oil Wizardry is TRULY your one-stop location for the world’s finest artisan essential oils and plant alchemy! We specialize in sourcing organic / wildcrafted essential oils, CO2 Extracts and Floral Absolutes from all over the planet.


Our Divine-Align: Chakra Set is a premium quality, energetic Chakra tune up in a set of Cobalt Blue Bottles. Masterfully co-created in 2015 as a colLABoration, this set in whole may be our most popular product(s) from the Essential Oil Wizardry collection!

Spanning the 7 Chakras – Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown

Guided by spirit and intentions for the highest expression in this life, the I AM Presence. Select any of the single Divine-Align: Chakra Blends, or collect the whole divine set. Perfect for Ceremony, Prayer, Yoga, Intention & Transformation. Different Formulations have Clearing / Activating Potentials and in synergy with each other, this kit is Essential Oil Wizardry at it’s finest.


Exquisite Botanical Perfumes are our boutique collection for true Botanical Perfumes. Artisan quality, our Exquisite Botanical Perfumes are formulated at small-scale using rare & exotic extractions designed for themed aromatic expressions.

Designed to enhance a person’s aromatic quality and play with the body’s natural pheromones, our Exquisite Botanical Perfumes use an Organic Craft Spirits (ie. Honey, Lychee, Coconut, Orange) as the base to produce a specific aromatic effect. Ranging from sensual, wild, expressive, forest freshness, cacao beauty, deep earth, smoky campfire, the potential is as expansive as our imagination and the artistic botanical kingdom.

Exquisite Botanical Perfumes are Essential Oil Wizardry’s upper echelon of aromatic delights for personal and social pleasures. Find yourself into a new, divine reality with our Exquisite Perfumes!


Kava Kava is a revered root in islands across the world. Kava Kava root has been studied for its medicinal qualities to stimulate mood, support anxiety & aid with sleep. Indigenous natives have been using this plant in ceremonial context for thousands of years to bond with their communities. The plant produces a traditional alcohol like effect, binding to the same GABA receptor working as a depressant in the body/mind.

Our Kava Kava products include pure CO2 Extracted Kava Kava produced from Vanuatu root. Our other Kava Products are formulated using the CO2 Extracted Kava Kava infused with other Therapeutic Essential Oils to enhance and modulate their effectiveness.


Magick Misters are Essential Oil Wizardry’s collection of Essential Oil Wizardry’s Hydrosol / Essential Oil / CO2 Extract Spray Misters infused into Vitalized Restructured Water enhanced with Ultrasonic Technology.

Our Magick Misters are enhanced with select vibrations using a set of 432 hz Crystal Bowls and loved up with plenty of intention for purifying the room, cleansing an environment during ceremony, elevating a person’s mood, opening up your heart, etc. Spray around a room or environment ~

Magick Misters may be refilled once towards the end of their initial fill and will retain much of their energetic & aromatic qualities.


Skin Care Products are targeted formulations to aid in more healthful, radiant skin using combinations of our Organic / Wildcrafted Essential Oils, CO2 Extracts, Plant Waxes, Floral Absolutes & Rare / Exotic Extracts. The skin is the human body’s largest organ and we may it easy to love your skin richer with our Botanical Skin Care Products. In-JOY!


Oral Care are Essential Oil Wizardry’s line of Oral Care Products. Oral Care Products are to be adjunctive to a person’s normal Oral Care hygiene regimen. Each Oral Care Product contains combinations of Colloidial & Trace Minerals, Restructured Vitalized Water, Essential Oils, CO2 Extracts and many products have been Enhanced with Ultrasonic Technology.

  • Oral Krishna – Anti-bacterial Tooth Oil, adjunct to toothpaste / tooth powder
  • Prabhupad Immune – Powerful mouthwash concentrate ~ 1 Drop / ounce Purified Water
  • Tooth Mineralization Fluid – 1-5 drops in mouth, swish & spit after meals
  • Tooth Ease Formula – Apply 1-3 drops topically onto tooth pain.


Essential Oil Wizardry’s Therapeutics span many targeted support categories including: Pain, Inflammation, Stress, Focus, Respiratory, Breathing, Digestive Support, Wound Recovery, Discomfort with Hormone Imbalances, Stimulate Immune System, Support Shifting Addictions / Developing New Habits, Burns, Bug Bites, Bug Repellent and a Natural (Effective) Spray Deodorant. Dive in and you’ll discover many Holistic Lifestyle Solutions, that REALLY work!

Our Therapeutic Formulas are inspired by the vast literature published on Mechanism of Action on ~ Formulated with Love & Grace by Dr. Nick Berry, our resident Holistic Pharmacist (Pharm. D). Therapeutic Formulas are typically used topically and/or inhaled for aromatherapy purposes. Artfully crafted using a delicate balance between theory & intuition for selection of Botanical Extracts and their optimum synergies.


Essential Oil Wizardry Tinctures are powerful tinctures using small quantities of Organic & Wildcrafted Essential Oils and CO2 Extracts infused in Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol. A few of these products are Tincture Infusions, that use our Essential Oils infused into Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT).

Some people choose to ingest essential oils, our Essential Oil Tinctures are intended to reduce the actual quantities these users are ingesting. We do not believe ingesting essential oils are ideal for regular use as they are very powerful and may cause stress to the liver with regular usage. Be intentional with your enjoyment and therapeutic application!

Dr. Nick enjoys using 1 drop on the tongue and breathing in for the Essential Oil Tinctures infused in Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol, used with intention & gratitude.


Organic & Wildcrafted Essential Oils masterfully steam-distilled / hydrodistilled from Artisan Distillers, Distinguished Distributors, Farmer Co-Operatives, Hobbist Wildharvesters, & Family Legacies who have distilled for generations. Our goal is to provide Premium Quality Organic & Wildcrafted Essential Oils at fair / reasonable costs which empowers us to support the people creating beautiful botanical extracts around the globe.

Your Essential Oil selections aid in our ability to put financial power towards artisan extraction, farmers and wildharvesters. Thank you for investing in creative botanical beauty, organic farming and balanced natural resource development!


Rare & Exotics are spectacular botanical extracts and essential oils that are precious, rare and authentic including Blue Lotus Absolute, Tuberose Absolute, Rose Otto, Pink Lotus Absolute, Frangipani Absolute, Mimosa Absolute, Jasmine Sambac. The world’s finest Rare & Exotic botanical extracts live here!


Our CO2 Extracts are powerful botanical extracts produced from Organic / Wildcrafted plant material. CO2 Extracts have potential to be roughly 2-3x more potent pharmacologically and aromatically compared to a Steam Distilled Essential Oil based on reports from our primary CO2 Extractor. CO2 Extracts use Carbon Dioxide as the solvent in conjunction low temperatures and high pressures. Ethanol may also be used as a co-solvent to specify constituents to a higher degree for a desired finished CO2 Extract product.

Using lower temperatures, less degradation is made on the aromatic constituents compared to a Steam Distilled Essential Oil. CO2 Extracts are phenomenal at removing non-polar molecules, waxes / lipids, terpenoids of many functional groups. Using different extraction specificities, rather full-spectrum Total Extracts (including heavier molecules, waxes / lipids) and Select Extracts (similar to Full-Spectrum Essential Oils). When temperature & pressures are normalized during the end of the CO2 Extraction process in the machine ~ Carbon Dioxide completely leaves the solution, leaving a spectacular CO2 Extract.

CO2 Extracts are phenomenal for aromatic & perfumery purposes – In-JOY!


Essential Oil Wizardry’s Absolutes are Solvent Extracted, Full-Spectrum Extracts. Absolutes are an industry standard for Full-Spectrum Extracts and provide very rich, beautiful, and full aromatic profiles. Our Absolutes we offer are typically floral in nature, including Jasmine Absolute, Rose Absolute & Blue Lotus Absolute, which (MOST) are unable to be distilled to produce an essential oil – the delicate aromatic molecules from flowers get easily destroyed in the distillation process.

Using Low Temperature, delicate aromatic compounds may be collected from plant material. Solvents used are typically Pharmaceutical Grade Hexane, a non-polar solvent or Ethanol (Alcohol). After the aromatic compounds are removed from the plant material, the solvent is evaporated and an aromatic Concrete is produced. This rich, aromatic Concrete is washed with Ethanol to collect the aromatic constituents while waxes / lipids are left behind. The solution is collected and alcohol is evaporated at low temperature.

Our resultant product is a beautiful Absolute Extract and carries a full-spectrum aromatic profile. These final products tend to range from Semi-Solid Extracts to thick / viscous Absolute Extract which are very extravagant in aromatic qualities for botanical perfumery.


Ultrasonic Extracts are superior quality “Solventless” Extracts, which truly use Restructured Distilled Water as a solvent to produce impressive Full Spectrum Extracts. Using Organic or Wildharvested Herbs & Plant Material, our team uses Ultrasonic Technology to remove plant alkaloids, essential oils, waxes & lipids from the Plant Material quickly & effectively.

Through several stages of Vacuum Distillation and a patient Rotary Evaporation process, our team delicately explores extracting new Botanical Allies monthly and formulates the Ultrasonic Extract into an easy to use solution for you. Our Ultrasonic Extracts are experimental in nature and are likely more powerful than most Tincture formulations you have explored in the past.


New Releases span within each of Essential Oil Wizardry’s arensal of Botanical-Based Magick: Recent additions found here!

Includes: Pure Essential Oils, CO2 Extracts, Absolutes, Ultrasonic Extracts, Hydrosols, Tinctures, Kava Kava, Hemp Infusion Tinctures / CBD Products, Rare & Exotics, Wizard Alchemy Blends, Botanical Perfumes, Exquisite Botanical Perfumes and Therapeutic Formulas.


Custom Blends are specially designed creations alchemically formulated for YOU, based on your specifications. Expressed with the world’s finest organic / wildcrafted Essential Oils, CO2 Extracts, floral Absolutes & Rare / Exotic Extracts. Our Custom Blends are crafted by Dr. Nick & the Essential Oil Wizardry Team to cultivate a unique therapeutic formulation or botanical perfume. Aligned to support your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial and romantic goals in a truly artisan way!

We are now offering an experience of your lifetime, customized Wizard Alchemy in a bottle, divinely expressed for YOU! Memorialize a special moment in your life through this sacred ceremony of creating your own unique custom blends. Ask about additional options to craft your own Aromatic Retreat Experience in Ashland, Oregon at the Essential Oil Wizardry Lab ~

Once you select a blending experience below and purchase your ideal option, a member of our Wizardry Team will email you to schedule a phone-conversation to align your customized vision!

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