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Package Sets are phenomenal kits formulated with the right alchemical blend of Pure Essential Oils, CO2 Extracts, Wizard Alchemy Blends, Therapeutic Formulas, Botanical Perfumes, Rare & Exotics that deliver a well-rounded selection to deliver a complete essential oil starter collection with just one selection!  Dive in and explore, there are many specific nuances to invite you to learn more about Essential Oil Wizardry’s botanical collection!

  • Set Includes: Allspice Berries, Bergamot, Caraway, Cardamom, Cinnamon Bark,  Black Cumin, Lemongrass, Lemon, Lime, Litsea Cubeba, Blood Orange, Black Pepper, Pink Pepper, Rosemary, Spearmint, Tulsi, Turmeric
    Gourmet DeLights Set
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  • Citrus Set (15 mL) Bergamot (Cold-Pressed), Bergamot (Distilled), Lemon, Lemongrass, Lime, Litsea Cubeba, Mandarin (Red), Orange (Blood), Orange Essence
    Citrus Set
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  • Resin, Earth & Roots Set (15 Items) This earthy package includes the following essential oils & CO2 extracts: Angelica Root, CO2 Extract (Poland) ~ Angelica archangelica (5 mL) Calamus Root, CO2 Extract (Poland) ~ Acorus calamus (15 mL) Copaiba (Peru) ~ Copaifera reticulata (15 mL) Cedar Atlas, Distilled (Morocco) ~ Cedrus atlantica (15 mL) Curcuma Xanthorriza, CO2 Extract (Indonesia) ~ Curcuma xanthorriza (15 mL) Dragon's Blood, Extracted from Tree (Peru) ~ Croton lechleri (15 mL) Frankincense Carteri, CO2 Extract (Somalia) ~ Boswellia carterii (15 mL) Myrrh, CO2 Extract (Somalia) ~ Commiphora myrrha (5 mL) Opoponax, Distilled (S. Africa) ~ Commiphora erythraea (5 mL) Palo Santo, Distilled (Ecuador) ~ Bursera graveolens (5 mL) Rosewood, Distilled (Brazil) ~ Aniba sp. (5 mL) Turmeric, CO2 Extract (Vietnam) ~ Curcuma longa (15 mL) Vetiver, Distilled (Haiti/Sri-Lanka) ~ Vetiveria zizanoides (15 mL) Wormwood, Distilled (USA) ~ Artemisia absinthium (5 mL) Xanthoxylum, Distilled (Nepal) ~ Zanthoxylum armatum (15 mL) Retail Value ($401) ~ Save 45% ** If necessary, country of origin substitutions will be made (if sources change).  If one item is out-of-stock, a single substitution may be added into order -  if multiple items are out-of-stock, you will be contacted.
    Resin, Earth & Roots Package
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  • So many options, how to select your favorite essential oil products?  Now you don't have to!  Allow Dr. Nick to create a unique care package every month for unique offerings to easily flow into your life, right to your doorstep, without any effort on your part. Shipped directly to your home or selected location between the 15th - 31st of each month! You may select from our three monthly alchemy subscription options: Monthly Alchemy Subscription Options #3 Young Mage ($20/mo) – 1 Product #2 Apprentice Magician ($49/mo) – 3 Products + 10% off Coupon Code #1 Alchemical Wizard ($77/mo) – 4 Products + 15% off Coupon Code Products Included in Memberships – Wizard Alchemy Blend (#1 / #2 / #3) – Essential Oil of the Month & Tincture (#1 / #2) – Exquisite Botanical Perfume (#1 ONLY) This package is a pre-paid six month subscription to our Monthly Alchemy Club's Subscription Box of Essential Oils & Wizard Alchemy products. Intended to be a heartfelt artisan gift to others and provide premium quality essences to you or a your loved one's home for SIX months at a time.  Thank you for supporting the expansion of Essential Oil Wizardry & Dr. Nick's passion! ** Package WILL auto-renew at conclusion of 6 month period unless you contact us before-hand otherwise! ** Price includes shipping fee ($4/mo) into the total cost. This Pre-paid membership does not include unlimited coupon code, access to rare / exotic Ultrasonic Extracts OR additional perks of the Monthly Alchemy Club.
    6 Month Alchemy Subscription
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  • This luscious set includes the following rare, precious and exotic essential oils: African Copal Bark, CO2 Extract (West Africa) ~ Daniella oliveri (5 mL) Oud, CO2 Extract (Varies) ~ Aquilaria sp. (1 gram) Angelica Root, CO2 Extract (Poland) ~ Angelica archangelica (5 mL) Blue Lotus Absolute, Solvent Extracted (Sri-Lanka) ~ Nymphaea caerulea (1 gram) Frankincense Sacra, Distilled (Oman) ~ Boswellia sacra (5 mL) Helichrysum, Distilled (California) ~ Helichrysum italicum (1 Dram) Jasmine Anointing Blend, Solvent Extracted (India) ~ Jasminum sp. (5 mL) Muhuhu, Distilled (Tanzania) ~ Brachyleana hutchinsii (5 mL) Myrrh, CO2 Extract (Somalia) ~ Commiphora myrrha (5 mL) Neroli, Distilled (Egypt) ~ Citrus aurantium var. amara (1 gram) Opoponax (S. Africa) ~ Commiphora erythraea (5 mL) Palo Santo (Ecuador) ~ Bursera graveolens (5 mL) Rose Anointing Blend, Solvent Extracted ~ Rosa damascena (5 mL) Sandalwood (Royal), Distilled (Hawaii) ~ Santalum paniculatum (1 Dram)   ** If necessary, country of origin substitutions will be made (if sources change).  If one item is out-of-stock, a single substitution may be added into order -  if multiple items are out-of-stock, you will be contacted.
    Rare & Exotic Sampler
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  • Doc's Favorite Blends (23 Items)This alchemical package of Dr. Nick's 23 favorite blends includes the following Wizard Alchemy Blends in 5 mL (Small) / 15 mL (Large) bottles: Choco-NUT - Great moisturizer, edible lube, chocolatey delight for desserts and botanical perfume.Circulatory Flow - Cooling & Refreshing, stimulates the lymph / kidneys. Great for detoxification, massage onto body after a shower for best absorption. Try on lymph/kidney points!Coral Waves - Soothing calm like the ocean, balance nervous system. Massage on bottoms of feet, wear as a botanical perfume and apply after a shower.Desire - Sweet, spicy, sensual & sexy botanical perfume! Some heat in this one ~ Apply around the body, wrists, neck and chest. Avoid application on sensitive areas, cinnamon may cause irritation in sensitive individuals.DreamScape - Lucid Dream Blend. Apply to the wrists, below the nose, bottoms of feet, RIGHT BEFORE Bed for maximum effectiveness.  This one seems to help those that do not dream / "remember" their dreams enter a more vivid dreamspace.InVigor - Stimulates memory, focus, concentration. Great morning tonic, apply a few drops into the hands, rub hands together, take three deep palm inhalations, and massage back into the scalp!LucidiOil (5 mL) - Sacred anointing oil, great for cleansing an environment, third eye anointing, auric field cleansing. The notes of magick are found in LucidiOil.  Try applying a few drops into the fingertips and snapping around an environment to clear the energy of a space!Moon Cycle - Slows down overactive mind, aids to balance a women's cycle (most effective in pre-menopausal women from testimonial reports), supportive for deeper quality of sleep.  Apply to lower abdomen, can apply to bottom of the feet.Morning Glory - Wonderful blend to apply onto the body after a warm AM shower. Invigorating, refreshing and uplifting, get your day started with Morning Glory!Oil of Elevation - Great for meditation, deeper levels of focus and awareness.  Apply to feet, wrist points, third eye and below the nose before meditation / ceremony / ritual.Pain Relief ICE (PRI) - May reduce pain, inflammation or speed recovery from wounds. Applied topically, avoid on open wounds. Prabhupad Immune - Broad-spectrum anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. "Thieve's" Formula equivalent, can be applied to bottom of feet or in a diffuser. Great for homemade cleaning sprays!Prosperity - Speak your truth, support clarity of one's path. Apply over the throat and solar plexus, around the auric field and the body. Great for protection, expression and grounded clarity.Psychic Protection - Cuts through negative energy immediately.  Apply around the auric field, over and around the body. One of our most powerful formulas ever created!Purity - Cleanses room / environment: Myrrh, Palo Santo & White Sage ~ sacred trinity. Use dynamic diffusion (fingersnap method) around a space to amplify prayer, intention and raise the vibe!ReSpire - Anti-bacterial, anti-viral respiratory blend. Apply a few drops in hands, rub hands together and take several deep palm inhalations. Breaks up phlegm & sputum, stimulates immune system in a good way!Return to Grace - Grounding, opens the heart and elevates the mood.  Exquisite botanical perfume to wear around & on the body to create smiles in yourself and others! Turkish Rose Otto, Moroccan Cedar & Israeli Blood OrangeSacred Ritual - Great for cleansing, intention setting and opening/closing "portals" for higher levels of consciousness.  People report enjoying using with regular daily practices to elevate potency of experiences.Sensurotic - Sensual and erotic, Sensurotic. Botanical Perfume of cacao, sandalwood, vanilla, jasmine ~ anoint onto your body and enjoy other's enjoyment of your aromatic essence.Stillness - Balancing the masculine / feminine energies, brings back into the stillness or the zero point.  Apply around the auric field, around the body and wear as a botanical perfume.Trinity - Great for headaches and muscle rubs.  Balances nervous system.  Apply to the temples, deeply inhale.  Massage into the muscles.True Bliss - Botanical Perfume for men / women, uplifts the mood and invigorates. Violet Chill - Bug Bites, Burns, Stress, Inflammation. Violet Clouds of Calm, apply onto the feet or below the nose. May apply topically to cuts, wounds or infections.Retail Value ($500 / $1022) ~ Save 34 - 46%** If one item is out-of-stock, a single substitution may be added into order -  if multiple items are out-of-stock, you will be contacted.  Please allow up-to a week for processing this order - this is a lot of magick! **
    Doc's Favorite Blends
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  • Set Contains 43 Pure Essential Oils / CO2 Extracts
    Doc's Essential Pack
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  • Essential Oil Tincture Set Cellular Restore, Chai Perfect, Coral Waves, Cosmic Orgasm, Digestif, Ecstatic Dance Drops, Eu-Phoria Drops, Krishna Immune Boost, Moon Cycle, Positive Transmission, Prosperity, Psychic Protection, Release, Sensation, Spark!, Summer Breeze
    Essential Oil Tincture Package
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  • Our Essential Oil Vaporizer Package comes complete with: 1 Essential VAAAPP Vaporizer (Color Variable) 6 Glass Vials 3-4 Pure Essential Oils/Vapor Oils - Hand selected by the Docta himself! The Essential VAAAPP is an old-school original vaporizer device - highly effective device for vaporizing essential oils and powders, less effective for vaporization of loose plant material. This was the first device (and still my favorite even after it's limitations) I investigated vaporizing pure essential oils.  Incredibly smooth, full of flavor - one drop of oil easily provides for 10-20 inhalations with appropriate technique.  Lost access to this device about a year & half ago - rediscovered the source and am happily making this package available once again! Benefits: Inexpensive, great for manually vaporizing essential oils and concentrations. Portable, easy to use. Very versatile contraption and easy to clean (soak in rubbing alcohol and/or sea salt). Drawbacks: Better alternatives for vaporizing raw plant material. Clean or replace vials after usage. Cannot verify specific heating temperature through manual heating process. Warning: Not compatible for use with any tincture containing alcohol!  Not for use with any of Dr. Nick's Essential Oil Tinctures.  Vaporizing any tinctures may cause short-long term damage to the lungs!
    Essential Oil Vaporizer (Essential VAAAPP) Package
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  • Three survival solutions to match your budget!  Essential Oil Wizardry is offering three Docta Approved Survival Kits with various luxury add-ons. Contents of each kit are found in the description below. Summary details on how to use the kits are also shipped with your order in a plastic bag to protect information against water/dust. Thank you for letting us add value to your unique travel/camping/festival experiences! Basic Survival Kit (11 Items) ~ $123 Pure Essential Oils: Eucalyptus Wizard Alchemy Blends: Bug Repellent (NEW), Digestive Blend, Dr. Nick's Tooth Oil, Hydration Martini, Pain Relief ICE, ReSpire, Violet Chill Essential Oil Tinctures: Cosmic Orgasm, Spark! Other Tools: Himalayan Salt Rock, Shower In A Bottle Bliss Package Kit (30 Items) ~ $333 Pure Essential Oils: Blood Orange, Cardamom, Cedar Atlas, Cocoa (CO2), Eucalyptus, Geranium, Lavender, Tea Tree, Vetiver Wizard Alchemy Blends: Bug Repellent (NEW), Choco-Nut, Citrus Blast, Digestive Blend, Dr. Nick's Tooth Oil, Hydration Martini, InVigor, Pain Relief ICE, Psychic Protection, Purity, ReSpire, Spark!, Trinity, Violet Chill Essential Oil Tinctures: Chai Perfect, Cosmic Orgasm, Kava Euphoria, Krishna Immune Boost, Spark! Other Tools: Circulatory Flow Mister, Himalayan Salt Rock, Shower In A Bottle Plush Package Kit (47 Items) ~ $555 Pure Essential Oils: Blood Orange, Bug Repellent (NEW), Cardamom, Cedar Atlas, Cocoa (CO2), Eucalyptus, Frankincense (CO2), Geranium, Kava Kava (CO2), Lavender, Nutmeg, Palo Santo, Silver Fir, Tea Tree, Thyme / Oregano, Tulsi, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang Wizard Alchemy Blends: Choco-Nut, Citrus Blast, Digestive Blend, Dr. Nick's Tooth Oil, Hydration Martini, InVigor, Oil of Elevation, Pain Relief ICE, Psychic Protection, Purity, ReSpire, Sensation, Spark!, Tiki's Flame, Trinity, Violet Chill Essential Oil Tinctures: Chai Perfect, Cosmic Orgasm, Ecstatic Dance Drops, Eu-Phoria Drops, Kava Chill, Kava Euphoria, Krishna Immune Boost, Positive Transmission, Spark, Tooth Ease Formula Other Tools: Circulatory Flow Mister, Himalayan Salt Rocks, Purity Mist, Shower In A Bottle ~ Optional Add-ONs ~ Essential VAAAPP Includes Carrying Case and 6 Vials for Usage.  Option to include Essential VAAAPP Kit, including 3-4 essential oils/CO2 extracts for use with vaporizer (Vapor Oils).  Instructions for use may be found on our website at Essential VAAAPP. Divine Align ~ Chakra Set Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown
    Docta Approved Survival Kit
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  • Dr. Nick's Field Medical Kit Includes 23 products in 15 mL bottles of each of the following (unless listed otherwise). Pure Essential Oils ~ (Lavender, Peppermint, Kava Kava (CO2), Mace/Nutmeg, Tea Tree) Lavender - Bug Bites, burns, stress Peppermint - Headaches, congestion, cooling Kava Kava (CO2) - Potent relaxant, euphoriant. GABA agonist, similar in mechanism of action to alcohol. (1 oz) Mace or Nutmeg - Warms body, great for joints, muscles (mace is outer layer of nutmeg shell) Tea Tree - Bug bites, anti-infective. Stimulates white blood cells in body (immune booster) Wizard Alchemy Blends (Therapeutic Formulas) Bug Repel - Natural bug repellent - works well around the world, for wide variety of insects. Topical usage, rub into skin/clothes Moon Cycle - Balance women's hormones, aids in cramps and PMS symptoms. Formula inspired from a massage oil clinically studied and shown to reduce PMS symptoms and spiced up a few notches. InVigor - Invigorating formulation - may offset grogginess in a clean way hangovers. Great morning inspiration! Pain Relief ICE - Powerful anti-inflammatory, analgesic that speeds up healing process of wounds. You WILL use a lot of this product! (and I always sell out of this product) Psychic Protection - Clears negative energy in an environment for individuals. Experiment with/around intense psychedelic experiences - used around an individual and then on their body. ReSpire - Opens lungs/airways. Anti-microbial. Rub 1-3 drops into hands, cup hands and inhale. Trinity - Great for headaches/muscle rubs - massage into the temples and into the muscles. Violet Chill - Helpful for burns, inflammation, relaxation. Apply to sunburns directly with out applying too much pressure. Tooth Ease (Tincture Bottle) - Apply directly to cuts, infections. Powerful numbing agent, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial. Take care on sensitive skin – use skin patch first. Essential Oil Tinctures Digestif Tincture - Ready to use digestive aid. 1-2 drops under tongue before/during/after meals. Take ASAP after onset of food poisoning. Kava Relax/Chill Tincture - Great before bedtime, slows mind and relaxes body. (1 oz) Krishna Immune Tincture - Powerful anti-microbial, immune stimulating tincture ~ great breath freshener. 1-2 drops on the tongue. Women’s Hormone Blend – M/F Relax body, mind, ease spasms, analgesic. Contains CBD. Spark! Tincture - Open lungs/throat. Powerful nasal cleanse using the advanced method of administration. See demonstration on-site! MISC Products Root - Very grounding, aids in restoring individual into their body. Helpful in psychedelic emergency. Geranium - Emotional aid, opens up the heart, great for jealousy issues. Tooth Oil - Great anti-infective agent, can apply directly to cut or wound. Or use with toothbrush or roll on floss.  Get oral hygiene sexy in the medical tent! (9 mL Roll-On) Shower in a Bottle - Natural Spray Deodorant product. Miracle product for real ~ (2 oz) Other Products Not Included to Consider: German Chamomile - Powerful anti-allergenic/anti-inflammatory – great for seasonal rhinitis! St. John's Wort (Offered to MD’s Only!) - Powerful mood-elevator - many drug-interactions and especially dangerous to combine with serotonergic agonists. May cause severe sun-sensitivity Throat - Open throat airway, aids in communication ~ useful energetic properties. Massage over and in front of throat. Other Products Not Included In This Package to Consider: Vetiver – Super grounding, puts an individual back into body – earthy/tribal. Use Root blend. Black Pepper – Anti-inflammatory, euphoric – great potentiation agent! Oil Of Elevation – Great for meditation, relaxation and enhancing body awareness Purity – Clears negative energy from an environment – Myrrh, Palo Santo, White Sage Circulatory Flow – Stimulates lymph system, kidneys. Cools down the body, mild diuretic properties. Aids in movement of stagnant energy. Kava Euphoria – Fun euphoric kava tincture – bright, relaxs body, mentally stimulating and moderately euphoric. Start with ¼-1/2 dropperful – drink plenty of fluids. Himayalan Salt – You’re dehydrated! Add natural salt to your water to enhance cellular uptake of water after hot sweaty celebratory days. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This item will be / has been field tested by the Medical Staff at Lightning in a Bottle (2016).  That isn't to say that this has been approved or authorized by either groups and is no way affiliated with Do LaB, RGX Medical or other medical staff unless specifically stated. ** When package was formulated, the Package Set was valued at $684 retail value **
    Dr. Nick's Field Medical Kit
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  • This fine set includes the following essential oils: Cedar, Atlas (Morocco) ~ Cedrus atlantica (15 mL) Cedar, Chinese (China) ~ Cupressus funebris (15 mL) Cedar, Himalayan (India) ~ Cedrus deodara (15 mL) Cedar, Port Orford (USA) ~ Chamacyparis lawsoniana (15 mL) Cedar, Texas (USA) ~ Juniperus ashei (15 mL) Cedar, Virginia (USA) ~ Juniperus virginiana (15 mL) Cedar, Hiba* (Japan) ~ Thujopsis dolabrata (5 mL)   *Limited Supply, when available*  
    Cedar Set
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  • This fine set includes the following essential oils: Eucalyptus, Lemon (Madagascar) ~ Eucalyptus citriodora (15 mL) Eucalyptus, Blue Gum (Portugal/Spain/Australia) ~ Eucalyptus globulus (15 mL) Eucalyptus, Blue Mallee (Australia) ~ Eucalyptus polybractae (15 mL) Eucalyptus, Broad-Leaved Peppermint (S. Africa) ~ Eucalyptus dives (15 mL) Eucalyptus, Narrow Leaf (S. Africa) ~ Eucalypyus radiata (15 mL) Eucalyptus, Gully Gum (S. Africa) ~ Eucalyptus smithii (15 mL)
    Eucalyptus Set
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  • Frankincense & Myrrh Collection This regal set (15 mL Retail Value $190) includes the following essential oils & CO2 extracts: Frankincense Carteri (Somalia, CO2 Extract) ~ Boswellia carteri (15 mL) Frankincense Frereana (Somaliland, Steam Distilled) ~ Boswellia frereana (15 mL) *NEW* Frankincense Serrata (India, CO2 Extract) ~ Boswellia serrata (15 mL) Frankincense Sacra (Oman) ~ Boswellia sacra (15 mL) Myrrh (Somalia, CO2 Extract) ~ Commiphora myrrha (15 mL) Frankincense sp. Essential Oil Wizardry offers four different species of Frankincense: Boswellia Carteri (CO2), Serrata (CO2), Boswellia Frereana, Boswellia Sacra. Here's Dr. Nick's OVERSIMPLIFIED reflections on enjoying your Frankincense variety with purpose! Carteri (CO2) - Our flagship, super affordable and amazing quality of Frankincense, CO2 Extracted providing a more full-spectrum experience of very clean, uplifting Frankincense.  This is my go-to general use Frankincense extract and probably the most versatile AND common frankincense species people recognize on the essential oil market.  Fresh, vitalizing and combines super well for therapeutic & aromatic purposes. Serrata (CO2) - Frankincense Serrata has the most clinical research associated with frankincense's anti-tumor properties.  Some people search for frankincense because they believe it will be an adjunctive for their cancer treatment.  While we cannot suggest Frankincense will cure or treat any disease, if I was searching for Frankincense to use as an adjunct to treatment, this would be Boswellia species I would choose as it has the most research papers studying the mechanism and evaluating the effectiveness of Frankincense's (Boswellia serrata) anti-tumor properties.  The scent is unique and ranges between soft earthy & sweet to slightly astringent and pickle-like ~ provides a unique ingredient for botanical perfumery! Frereana - Frankincense Frereana flourishes on a higher elevation of the Somalian mountains and contains a unique terpene composition: the higher pinene, thujene and cymene content deliver a medicinal extract with a strong aromatic turpentine note.  For analgesic & anti-inflammatory properties, this is the superior option - the scent is much more medicinal and earthy/spice.  Great to have in the personal medicine cabinet! Sacra - Royal Frankincense AKA Boswellia sacra produced by superior grade Frankincense tears of the Omani region - considered to produce the FINEST quality of Frankincense essential oil on the planet!  This has a very special vibration to the extract and is my preference for prayer, ceremony and more energetic formulations (ie. Third Eye).  This is my personal favorite Frankincense oil that we carry - The standard market price for a premium quality Boswellia Sacra is typically ~$70-80 / 15 mL which we are able to generously offer for $40 / 15 mL.  We are so grateful to have access to this precious resource! How to Use (Frankincense) Skin care - Everyday body or face creams can be made with 1 drop per 5ml or teaspoon (6 drops per oz) of carrier lotion (~1%) - Frank is great for rashes, cuts, burns or scrapes – add to shampoos and soaps! Massage oils - try adding (2.5 - 5%) into massage oils for aching joints or muscles along with other potent analgesic oils. Shower time - add 1 – 5 drops on a washcloth and rub onto your skin during your final rinse of a hot shower for a quick steam bath. Wait at least 15 seconds before reapplying water to frankin-hanced skin. Inhalation - Elevate the spirit and center the mind for meditative practices by placing 1 drop in an essential VAAAPP vaporizer and inhaling OR by placing 1-2 drops on the palms of your hands, rubbing them together then inhaling with palms flat to your face. Commiphorra Myrrha Myrrh essential oil is extracted from the resin of a tree called Commiphora Myrrha, which is common in Africa and the Middle east. Botanically Myrrh is commonly paired with the usage of Frankincense and is one of the most widely used essential oils in the world. Traditional aromatherapists consider myrrh to be a base note, providing a foundation for blends with an aroma which develops, lingers and evolves. Our CO2 extracted myrrh offers a more full-bodied, sensuous aromatic profile that is potently therapeutic. I describe the fragrance as a deep rich caramel ribbon that combines incredibly well for botanical perfumery. Myrrh is well known worldwide due to its wide variety of health benefits and uses. In China, it is used for arthritis, menstrual issues, sores and hemorrhoids. In western cultures it is considered to have an “opening, heating, drying” nature. Myrrh is deeply anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-septic making it helpful for coughs, colds, sore throat, gum disease, as a respiratory stimulant used in ulcers and topical sores. Myrrh essential oil is especially effective in improving skin conditions such as athlete’s foot, chapped and cracked skin, eczema, ringworm, and may slow the aging / wrinkling process in skin. Myrrh may be safely ingested according to Kurt Schnaubelt in his book Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils by infusing into a glass of water (very poor solubility) or a drop in a tsp of honey. Less is more when ingesting essential oils - consider combining with one or two drops with a few drops of lemon, spearmint, or clove in 16 OZ glass of super-hot water for sore throats or acute digestive problems. This can be an effective tonic for the digestive system aiding in pain, inflammation, diarrhea, flatulence, and loss of appetite (Schnaubelt, 134). The inhalation method or rag with hot water method can infuse myrrh essential oil into the lungs to aid symptoms. Myrrh is a popular ingredient in natural mouthwashes and toothpastes which can be used on the toothbrush or added into your mouthwash to help recovery from gingivitis. As a final note, I found it interesting that research has been done involving essential oils with cancer treatment and recovery from chemotherapy. Many oils can be useful to drain toxins from the body, stimulate the nervous system and provide anti-depressant properties to help the body rebound. Myrrh is in this category as it increases cell turnover, and generally reboots and has “equilibrating effects on the psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunological systems” (Schnaubelt, 179). How to Use (Myrrh) Respiratory aid: Use the palm inhalation/ finger snap method- warm up the oil in the palms and inhale deeply OR mix with very hot water and soak a rag and inhale over the face Mouth and gums: Blend a few drops with your favorite toothpaste or place one drop on your toothbrush at night. Also, this oil can be added to water and swished around and through the teeth and gums for 30 seconds. Skin: To relieve skin conditions, Myrrh essential oil can be added to a carrier oil in desired proportions and rubbed into the affected area a few times daily. In the case of sores or cracked/damaged skin, a layer of this mixture can be left on the affected area to soak in. Consider occlusion over the healing area with a cloth wrap or some chewed up yarrow / other vegetative material combined with myrrh infused carrier oil. Stomach / digestive: Add a drop or two of Myrrh to your favorite tea, or make your own essential oil tea with your favorite oils that are suitable for internal consumption. For acute cases only. General Stimulant: This oil can be a wonderful every day stimulant when rubbed into the temples and around the chakras. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ** We are also offering a special miniature 5 mL sample kit to help spread these sacred extracts out and allow more people to experience these powerful botanical allies. We do not generally stock 5 mL Frankincense or Myrrh, only 15 mL - so please allow up to 1 week for our team to loving prepare your mini 5 mL Frankincense & Myrrh Collection **  
    Frankincense & Myrrh Collection
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  • botanical perfumery
    This fine set includes the following organic essential oils: Lavandin (S. Africa) ~ Lavendula angustifolia (15 mL) Lavender Vera, High Elevation (France) ~ Lavendula angustifolia (15 mL) Lavender Mailette (Washington / France) ~ Lavendula angustifolia (15 mL) Currently out-of-stock lavenders (not included in current set) will be added into this set when suppliers re-stock (as late as 2017): Lavender (S. Africa) ~ Lavendula angustifolia (15 mL)
    Lavender Set
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  • ~Trump the Elections~ Are you feeling down and out from the election results? Are you questioning… well everything?! Well shit, that sucks, and we want to help you get out of your blues (well red I guess we can say this time). Essential Oil Wizardry is now offering you our brand new Vote for Love & Trump the Elections Integration Care-Package. This package includes: Root Chakra EO-15mL = $40 Prosperity EO-10mL = $40 Kava Chill Tincture -1 oz = $20 Positive Transmission Tincture -1/2 oz= $25 Psychic Protection Tincture -1/2 oz= $25 Retail value of $150, but this package is coming to you with a 33% discount for a total of $99!! Alright, so let’s discuss why we chose these oils. First and foremost, Root Chakra EO is going to help us ground all of these strange energies and let us return to a sense of self. Then, we got Prosperity EO to help reconnect with whom you are – to energize your solar plexus chakra and stand confidently in your own power. Next, Kava Chill is going to let you take a deep breathe and let all that shit go. Just relax, all is going to be okay, and so will you!! Next, a little positive transmission tincture… why? I think you know why! Everyone needs some positive transmission today and it’ll be great to share with your friends . Last but not least, Psychic Protection Tincture to help deal with all of the craziness out there. Take 1-3 drops sublingually to cut through the negative energies and cords that you may come into contact with while venturing out in the world. WE LOVE YOU! Stay safe out there. All will be wonderful, pura vida  Love, The Essential Oil Wizardry Team
    Vote for Love Integration Care-Package
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  • oral care
    Oral Care Kit Includes 4 Product Allies: Dr. Nick's Tooth Oil (10 mL Roll-On) - Supportive anti-microbial solution applied to toothbrush for tooth brushing ~ beneficial with & without toothpaste Prabhupad Immune (15 mL) - Anti-microbialMouthwash Concentrate - use 1 drop / ounce of water, stir - swish / spit. Tooth Ease (15 mL) - Acute Care for oral infections Tooth Mineralization Fluid (1 oz) - Alkaline, hydrosol, essential oil & mineral enhanced solution for swishing (3-7 drops) after meals. Ultrasonically Enhanced!
    Oral Care Kit
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  • The Firefly 2 is one of the sleekest designed, multi-purposed vaporizing devices on the market.  This device is great for quickly vaporizing essential oils, CO2 extracts, whole plants including flowers & leaves.  The Firefly 2 even effectively vaporizes nutrition plant powders - this is the premium vaporizer device that we enjoy using for on the go application. This device allows you to effectively vaporize pure essential oils, CO2 extracts, floral absolutes using this device without strange additives including vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol for an authenically-rich aromatic profile and therapeutic experience. We love using the Firefly 2 to vaporize essential oils / floral absolutes and CO2 extracts.  The flavor profile is complete and profound and a single drop has much of an aromatic and physiological enhancement for about 5-10 inhalations using low heat with developed technique. Some of our favorite pure essences to vaporize using the Firefly 2 include: Blue Lotus Absolute Cardamom (CO2) Cedar Atlas Coffee (CO2) Silver Fir Galbanum (CO2) Geranium, Rose Frankincense Sacra Howood Lavender Lime Litsea Cubeba Mandarin, Red Myrrh (CO2) Opoponax Blood Orange Palo Santo Patchouli (Euphoric!) Black Pepper (Euphoric) Pink Pepper (Quite Euphoric) Peppermint (Very Potent) Ravensara Rhododendron Rosemary Royal Sandalwood Clary Sage Black Spruce Tulsi Ylang Ylang Extra Blends Citrus Blast Digestif Hydration Martini Prabhupad Immune Spark! ReSpire Sensation
    Firefly 2 Vaporizer
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  • Ceremonial Set Includes 6 Ceremonial Blends ~ Purity, Psychic Protection, Positive Transmission, Sacred Ritual, Frank Myrrh & Gold & Diviner’s Eye Description Coming Soon
    Ceremonial Set
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  • Exquisite Botanical Perfume - Sample Platter (1 mL Perfume Vials) Exquisite Botanical Perfume Sample Platter offers you 10-20+ of our available boutique, in-stock formulations. Each Exquisite Botanical Perfumes is measured as a 1 mL sample vials with sample packaging for a delectable aromatic learning experience for our finest aromatic perfumes. We have 33 different Exquisite Botanical Perfumes to choose from (as of July 2018).  Our purchase will offer you 1 mL sample vials of our finest artisan crafted Exquisite Botanical Perfumes.  This package set may also include several of our seasonal formulations previously only available to our Monthly Alchemy Club. Or Exquisite Botanical Perfumes are infused in artisan craft spirit alcohols, including combinations of coconut, honey & lychee! This is intended to be both an elegant gift and also a sublime sample package of our most prized botanical perfumes.  Our EBP Sample Platter is a phenomenal way to have an nice well-rounded dive into our world of botanical perfumery.  This special offering sample kit will be custom produced by hand for you upon receiving your order ~ please give one-two week to put together your package, this is a labor of love ❤ Package Set Includes From the Following, selected by us based on intuition & availability: Avicenna Carnation Dreams Courage Crown DEEP Man DEEP Woman Desire Diviner's Eye Ease-Olution Essence of Wizard (Out of Stock) Expansive Forest Frangipani Perfume Frank, Myrrh & Gold Heart Immersion Jasmine Perfume Jungle Spice Love Potion Mimosa Perfume Mossy Fern Polish Rain Dance Return to Grace Root Rose Perfume Sacral Seduction Sensation Solar Plex Soul-Stice Stillness The Meadow Unity ?
    Exquisite Botanical Perfume - Sample Platter (1 mL)
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  • Kava Tincture Package 1 ounce of our two most popular Kava Infusion Tinctures - Kava Chill & Kava Euphoria.  Save ~15% from investing in both to try our relaxing & celebration formulas! ~ Kava Chill: Ease Into Rest ~ Ingredients – 100% pure & natural essential oils, CO2 Extracts infused into Fractionated Coconut Oil CO2 Extracted Kava Kava (Standarized to 60% Kavalactones) Organic Lavender Organic Sweet Marjoram Organic Clary Sage Organic Bergamot Organic Blue Yarrow Organic Rose-Geranium Organic Fennel Uses: Infusion Tincture in Amber Glass with Dropper Top (easy to administer) Docta’s Notes: Kava is historically used as a medicinal, ceremonial root in many Islander cultures.  Our kava kava root is sourced from Vanuatu root and has been standardized to 60% kavalactones (potent!) – Kava Chill is a formulated tincture designed to provide ease for transition into sleep.  Deeply relaxing without overpowering euphoria, Kava Chill has been blended with our Moon Cycle formulation to enhance calming properties and smooth the potent euphoria levels into one of sedation and relaxation. Not recommended for everyday use as kava may be taxing on the liver used daily or in higher amounts.  Also recommended to drink plenty of fluids before or during consumption of kava to minimize any potential toxicity or heaviness from the kava. Active Ingredients: Kavalactones including kavain, dihydrokavain, methysticin, dihydromethysticin, yangonin, desmethoxyyangonin, potentiated by essential oils & aromatic terpenes. Proprietary blend of organic essential oils from all over the world, and embedded with relaxation frequencies charged with activated plates infused in fractionated coconut oil. This formula is not recommended for everyday usage as kava may be hard on the liver, especially with repeated usage. Listen to your body! * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. *   ~ Kava Euphoria: Stoked On Kava ~ Ingredients – 100% pure/natural CO2 extracts & essential oils infused into Fractionated Coconut Oil CO2 Extracted Kava Kava (Standarized to 60% Kavalactones) Organic Bitter Orange Organic Black Pepper Organic Blood Orange Organic Clary Sage Wildcrafted Frankincense Carterii, CO2 Extracts Organic Geranium Organic Litsea Cubeba Organic Myrrh, CO2 Extracts Wildcrafted Pink Pepper Wildcrafted Indian Tulsi Wildcrafted Sassafras (China) Organic Ylang Ylang Extra Uses: Infusion Tincture in Amber Glass with Dropper Top (easy to administer) Docta's Notes: Kava is historically used as a medicinal, ceremonial root in many Islander cultures.  Our kava kava root is sourced from Vanuatu root and has been standardized to 60% kavalactones (potent!) - Kava Euphoria uses our Euphoria Drops concentrate to potentiate and uplevel the potency of the flighty euphoria of kava kava.  KE can be described as a legal euphoric substitute for other illicit substances that elevates the mood, relaxes the body and stimulates the mind with a moderate sense of euphoria. This is not your typical bedtime kava formula - this is rather elevated and stimulating.  My body notices slight tingling in the back of the head, feeling quite floaty - I notice that my body feels lighter and rather loose as well.  Kava Euphoria has been a big hit in transformational festivals like Lightning in a Bottle & Firefly Gathering.  Not recommended for daily/night-time use - everyday use as kava may be taxing on the liver used daily or if used in higher amounts.  Recommended to drink plenty of fluids before or during consumption of kava to minimize any potential toxicity or heaviness on the body from consuming kava extract. Active Ingredients: Kavalactones including kavain, dihydrokavain, methysticin, dihydromethysticin, yangonin, desmethoxyyangonin, potentiated by CO2 extracts, essential oils & aromatic terpenes. Proprietary blend of organic essential oils from all over the world embedded with potentiated frequencies charged with activated plates infused in fractionated coconut oil. This formula is not recommended for everyday/night usage as kava may be hard on the liver, especially with repeated usage. Listen to your body! * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.
    Kava Tincture Package
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