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~ Best Essential Oils for Meditation ~
Written by Ellen Bird | Dec. 2, 2019

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Deepening your Meditation Practice with Essential Oils

Meditation has been a very meaningful and important practice for me on my spiritual journey. The ability to self-regulate and the opportunity to really know myself has come from my dedicated and devotional persistence with my own meditation practice. I have many years of experience, and from these years I have found certain tools that are extremely beneficial in setting the stage for ourselves before taking the deep dive into our inner-worlds. One of these tools that I have found to be of extreme support in allowing myself to deepen into my own practice is the use of essential oils for meditation. Essential Oil Wizardry offers products that do just that.
The first magick potion that I personally love for its ability to bring in a higher vibration of being is the Third Eye blend. Its communion of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Tulsi (Holy Basil), Cacao Absolute, Jasmine Grandiflorum, and Frankincense creates an elevated aroma that is purifying and clear. By anointing the area right between and a bit above the eyebrows – also known as the third eye or pineal gland – with this meditation blend, I have experienced a heightened level of vibrancy in my state of presence. Well-respected podcaster and Master of wellness, Paul Chek with the Chek Institute, has mentioned that the Third Eye blend is a personal favorite of his as well, and uses it as an anointing oil for his meditation practice. You can check out podcasts on Living 4D with Paul Chek here (go to episode 9 to find Paul’s interview with Essential Oil Wizardry’s one and only Dr. Nick)!

~Another great tip for heightening your Third Eye activation experience is to anoint the third eye and then use a tuning fork directly on the skin over that area. We have found this to be an ultimate way to prepare yourself for the inward journey!~

The second EOW meditation blend that I would love to share with you is the Oil of Elevation. This oil is a blend that is calming to the nervous system, enhances mental focus, and clarifies the mind. The Cedar Atlas in this essential oil blend is a component that I have found to be relaxing to the nervous system and really aids in rooting a person into their body. Its counterpart Frankincense Serrata lifts the spirit and brings a clarity and purity into being. The third component of this meditation oil – Myrrh – brings the heavens and the earthly plane together. These three coalesce into a botanical bouquet of crystalline clarity that is harmonious to the body and soothing to the spirit. The best ways to work with this meditation blend is to apply directly to the soles of the feet, wrist points, and below the nose before you enter into your self-observation practice.

The Celest-Treeal tincture – another personal ally – combines six different tree essences for a grounded and etheric experience. It is a celestial blend that allows us to observe life from a larger perspective. What I notice from this meditative essential oil tincture is an immediate sense of clarity, embodied sense of self, and a deepening in my connection with Nature. All parts of life are connected by an invisible web of consciousness that holds us, and this tincture gives us the opportunity to embody that profound and enveloping state of being. Doc enjoys taking this – and all of his essential oil tinctures – by administering one drop of the blend onto the top of the tongue and then inhaling deeply through the mouth to allow the clarifying qualities to enhance the system even deeper.

The next meditative tool I would love to dive into is the Cosmic Orgasm.

Now this is a fun one. Cosmic Orgasm comes in tincture form as well as in an essential oil blend, and the tincture really does the trick for activating the system before embarking on an inward journey. With the combination of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Moroccan Cedar, and Israeli Blood Orange, the Cosmic Orgasm tincture aids in creating a synesthetic experience of breathing in the trees and delicious citrus orange. Its effects are very quieting to the mind, grounding and relaxing to the body, and a catalyst into a space of deeper awareness within the present moment. Cosmic Orgasm – it may be what you’ve been waiting for this whole time!

The last essential oil for meditation that I am going to share with you today is Frank, Myrrh & Gold. This is one of the most powerful tinctures for meditation that I have found yet. Also crafted as an essential oil blend, Frank, Myrrh & Gold is a very special synergy that can be used as a holy anointing oil or as a tincture – both equally powerful for getting yourself grounded, activated, and ready to sit in the stillness of your own internal universe. This one helps to quiet the mind as well as elevate the vibration. What I have noticed is that a brightness and a state of clarity come through. With three different types of Frankincense, two different types of Myrrh, and Oil of Gold, I have found that both this oil and tincture attract a higher state of being. Doc likes to use one drop on top of the tongue like the other essential oil tinctures, and then presses the tongue to the roof of the mouth while focusing on the pineal gland. I have found this method to be an instant vibrational-shift and a deepening that prepares me for the journey ahead.

Whether you are looking for grounding, activating, or clarifying essential oil blends, tinctures, or pure anointing oils, Essential Oil Wizardry has many different options of essential oils for your meditation practice. Our intention for making these meditation blends is to allow all to deepen and invoke their ceremonial intents and experiences. If you have a mindfulness or meditation practice and haven’t worked with essential oils to enhance your experience yet, we have many allies for you. If you have worked with essential oils for meditation before, we would love to know what your experiences are with our products, and hear about anything you find along your journey with them! Just send me an email at [email protected] to connect with me personally. We so love hearing from you!
~ Happy Meditating ~
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