~  Moon Cycle: A Journey with my Menstrual Cycle ~

Written by Ellen Bird

Flowing with the Cycles of the Moon

As a young girl just entering into puberty, the idea of growing into womanhood was of ultimate excitement. I remember how giddy it made me when I started getting to shave the hairs that began to grow on my legs. I recall that feeling of longing I had to bleed for the first time. Looking back at that younger version of myself, I hold her now, this sweet innocent girl eager to be initiated into her Rights Of Passage ceremony, without a tribe around her to hold that sacred space her soul so deeply longed for.

Instead of her village setting her off on a journey of self-discovery and inner-exploration after her first month of menstruation, she found herself clouded and dazed, being prodded and tossed around by doctors and health professionals telling her to take this form of hormone or that one. The empowering moment of receiving blood for the first time became a nightmare, as she was guided and told to give up her power to pharmaceuticals.

I was fifteen years old when I was put on a really strong birth control hormone. The Yaz birth control pill was actually recalled and taken off the market five years later because it was causing strokes and gallbladder disease in thousands of women. Lawsuits were filed, and over 100 deaths among Yaz users were reported. Being so young, the idea of Yaz sounded magical- a pill I took daily that would take away all of the pain from my menstrual cycle cramps, allow me to have sex without worrying about pregnancy, and prevent me from having acne?! What an amazing way for Bayer to make billions of more dollars, and for more and more young women to end up feeling powerless.

Following the Yaz controversy, I got on another form of birth-control at 21. It was an inserted ring that contained hormones, and made it so my body didn’t bleed at all for the entire year-and-a-half I had it in. Of course, I didn’t spend much time feeling into how unnatural that was because I had been cut off from my inner-knowingness and intuition at such a young age. Luckily, as time went on and I grew further into adulthood, the voice inside of me grew too loud to ignore.

My journey with my menstrual cycle has been a traumatic one, and I unfortunately say this knowing I am not alone. Most women born into generations neighboring mine have had parallel experiences. The question “When will this madness end?” does come up for me. And ultimately, the answer is, when the solutions that are natural and connected to love come to surface.

Ever since I ended my toxic relationship with hormonal pharmaceuticals, my menstrual cycle has been completely and utterly irregular. Sometimes I would go four months without experiencing bleeding; Sometimes it would be two months, and thick, dark, clotted blood would leave me. There were times where I would wait that long for another opportunity and I would only bleed for two days, and sometimes it lasted seven straight. There was no rhyme or reason to my body’s purification process, and that left me stressed out and anxious most of the time.

It All Turns Around

I started working with the Moon Cycle Essential Oil Blend by Essential Oil Wizardry about six months ago. Until then, I had always thought that essential oils were only there to smell good and make us feel certain ways- like happy, or calm. I hadn’t known the extent of their medicinal capabilities. From what I know now, it feels important for me to share with you just how enormous I have found their medicinal powers to be. I was instructed by Dr. Nick to put Moon Cycle on topically- massaged lovingly into my lower abdomen and adjacent lower back- and to apply twice daily in these same spots. Within two weeks of starting to work with this medicine in this way, my menstrual cycle came back to me. Within two months of my daily protocol, I reached a place of full regularity within my moon cycle- after almost five years of complete unpredictability.

I don’t talk about products or practices unless I’ve had direct experience with them. The only reason I share with you about this product now, is because it has become one of my truest allies. I don’t travel anywhere without my bottle of Moon Cycle. I use it daily on my body and even more regularly on the days around my period, as it eases the pain of cramping unlike anything else I’ve ever worked with. I play with it and smell it often as well, as its mixture of Bergamot, Clary Sage, Fennel, Lavender, Rose-Geranium, Sweet Marjoram, and Yarrow calm me down instantly if I find myself in any moment of general anxiety or panic.

Moon Cycle by Essential Oil Wizardry is my trusted companion, my friend ‘til the end. I feel so grateful to have found this company and this magical, medicinal essential oil blend to bring my menstrual cycle, hormones, and my body, into a balance deeper and greater than I had ever known possible.

Here’s to Harmony, Balance, Ease, Flow, and Grace- for us All~



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