What is the EOW Monthly Alchemy Subscription?

An EOW Subscription is for people committed to learning and experimenting with essential oils. Enthusiasts & Aficionados ~ Dive deep & inspire into the AROMATIC world of plants! Receive a tailored package to your doorstep monthly, filled with unique botanical extract products πŸ™‚

Alchemy Club Member PERKS

  • 10-15% Discount on entire Essential Oil Wizardry collection (excludes package sets)
  • 25% Discount on Wizard Immersion Camps, EOW Playshops & Transformational Botanical Retreats.
  • Small artisan Ultrasonic Extracted batches of rare & exotic, locally sourced herbs get offered to our members as a priority! Email us for larger quantities πŸ™‚
  • We will share our many of our in-house extractions with our Alchemy Club Members – included with your subscription. Some will be exclusive extracts for only our monthly members!
  • Priority Volunteer – Be part of the EOW Team at a Festival / Event that we participate in! Watch Social Media for future events EOW participates in nearest you.
  • Internship Opportunities in Ashland ~ Membership@EssentialOilWizardry.com!Β  Write about your ideal vision & share with us your gifts, interests & intentions πŸ™‚ Perhaps you can come share time/energy with us at the Lab in Ashland, Oregon!
  • Alchemy Club Members receive a priority in their requests!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: We trust you will be quite happy with your artisan-crafted products and invite you to contact us if for any reason you are not completely thrilled. We suggest exploring 3 months to experience a wide array from practical to esoteric!

Thank you for your support _/|\_

Love OUR Oils? Want To Share Our Passion?

Interested in sharing our products locally with your friends/family/community?Β Are you a wellness practitioner, shop owner or medical professional?Β Do Essential Oil Wizardry products align with your offering to the world?

  • Apply for bulk wholesale options! 40% off our EOW Products to our Alchemy Club Members ~
  • EOW has an affiliate program that offers 15% of online sales for sharing our offerings
  • Would you love to see our products in a local shop?Β  We offer a 10% referral for aligning Essential Oil Wizardry with new resonant Botanical Ambassadors, Wellness Clinics & Holistic Boutiques!

Learn more about getting involved at our share page here. Contact us at Share@EssentialOilWizardry.comΒ when you are ready to fully immerse yourself with Essential Oil Wizardry and let us know how you would LOVE to share with your community <3

specialized Coupon Code


Coupon Code will be emailed separately after your membership purchase.


Valid during active membership, for unlimited usage. Using your discount to share with friends encouraged!


Your Coupon Code may stack with other EOW promotions. Enjoy sharing in Alchemy Club pricing!


Please keep your Specialized Coupon Code private. You are invited to order with & for your friends / family!

Membership perks!

Been a Member for One Year?

  • Schedule a FREE visit to the Lab in Ashland, Oregon! (1-2+ hr)
  • Join Us For an Annual Private Campout Event for Club Members at our property in Ashland, Oregon (Beginning 2019)
  • 3-2 Admission at an EOW Event (includes Wizard Immersion Camp, EOW Playshop, Transformational Botanical Retreat)
  • Save 33% off any EOW Botanical Retreat or Event for you / your friends!

Been a Member for three Years?

  • Schedule a FREE visit to the Lab in Ashland, Oregon! (1-2+ hr)
  • Join Us For an Annual Private Campout Event for Club Members at our property in Ashland, Oregon (Beginning 2019)
  • Attend one EOW Botanical Retreat or EOW Event as a guest (Free!)
  • 2-1 Admission for any EOW Event
  • Upgrade Your Personalized Coupon Code to 20% off (Email Us for Your New Requested Code)
  • Join us during an Ultrasonic Extraction process in Ashland, Oregon!
Shipment Logistics

All orders will be shipped between the 15th-31st each month (sometimes earlier!)
New Monthly Memberships received by the 10th of each month will be included in the same month shipment delivery.
All new memberships received between the 11th-31st of any month will receive an exciting two month package set the following month.
Your monthly commitment may be canceled at any point prior to monthly shipment for any reason by either party.

International Shipments

Please select International Shipping (+$20/month) when submitting your monthly membership order or your order will be refunded.

Monthly Alchemy Calendar

Month #49 - January 2019

Wizard Alchemy – Release
EO of the Month – Palmarosa
EO Tincture – Ultrasonic Damiana Tincture
Exquisite Botanical Perfume – Mimosa

Month #50 – February 2019

Wizard Alchemy – Heart
EO of the Month – Bitter Orange
EO Tincture – Ultrasonic Cacao Tincture
Exquisite Botanical Perfume – Desire

Month #51 – March 2019

Wizard Alchemy – Re-NEW
EO of the Month – Raspberry Seed (CO2)
EO Tincture – Soul~Stice
Exquisite Botanical Perfume – Courage

Month #52 - April 2019

Wizard Alchemy – Sacral
EO of the Month – Chili (CO2)
EO Tincture – Summer Breeze
Exquisite Botanical Perfume – Stillness

Month #53 – May 2019

Wizard Alchemy – Solar Plex
EO of the Month – Turmeric (CO2)
EO Tincture – Ultrasonic Skullcap Tincture
Exquisite Botanical Perfume – Question Mark “?”

Month #54 – June 2019

Wizard Alchemy – InVigor
EO of the Month – Howood
EO Tincture – Spark!
Exquisite Botanical Perfume – Deep Man

Month #55 – July 2019

Wizard Alchemy – Root
EO of the Month – Dragon's Blood
EO Tincture – New Release Ultrasonic Tincture
Exquisite Botanical Perfume – To Be Inspired!

Month #56 – August 2019

Wizard Alchemy – Sexy Hair
EO of the Month – Rose Hip Seed (CO2)
EO Tincture – Tooth Ease Formula
Exquisite Botanical Perfume – Lion's Gate

Month #57 – September 2019

Wizard Alchemy – Throat
EO of the Month – Liquidambar Infusion
EO Tincture – NutraSpice (?)
Exquisite Botanical Perfume – Solar Plex

Month #58 – October 2019

Wizard Alchemy – Third Eye
EO of the Month – Lavender
EO Tincture – New Release Ultrasonic Tincture
Exquisite Botanical Perfume – To Be Inspired!

Month #59 – November 2019

Wizard Alchemy – Diviner's Eye
EO of the Month – Star Anise (CO2)
EO Tincture – Cellular Restoration
Exquisite Botanical Perfume – To Be Inspired!

Month #60 – December 2019

Wizard Alchemy – Crown
EO of the Month – Black Pepper
EO Tincture – New Release Ultrasonic Tincture
Exquisite Botanical Perfume – To Be Inspired!

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