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Let’s Share! At Essential Oil Wizardry, we’ve been growing organically over the years and feel the importance of striving for Win / Win / Win infrastructure. We believe that a perspective for conscious business practices (good for the planet, good for the people, good for business) creates a flow of positive energy and inspires solutions for this planet.

Over the years, we have been developing structures to empower our farmers / distillers / extractors / team members / customers and community. There are ways for YOU to get involved with our community & movement at Essential Oil Wizardry. We have setup several systems that create mutually beneficial rewards for sharing the products you love ~ naturally & organically AS you are called.

No monthly purchase minimums, you are completely empowered to follow your own excitement to share EOW when it aligns.
Here are several ways Essential Oil Wizardry empowers YOU to share our products with your community.

3 Ways to Share


Sign Up for our Online Affiliate Program


Become a Local Botanical Ambassador!


Empower local Shops & Botanical Influencers to stock and distribute our products at a wholesale rate.

Love eow?

Sign Up for our Affiliate Program!

Are you enjoying sharing essential oils with your friends, family and community? Do you have an online presence? We’d love to support you, supporting others and expand our impact at Essential Oil Wizardry by becoming an EOW Botanical Ambassador!

Would you In-JOY to have an opportunity to offer your loved ones a 10% discount on Essential Oil Wizardry products? How about making 15% on orders that are referred by you? We intend to co-create a better planet with you ~ Together we create additional value for you, your friends & the impact our company makes. Welcome to the EOW Tribe!

Send us your Full Name, Payment Email Address, your preferred custom code (all lowercase, one word). We’ll create a customized EOW weblink (ie. where you will send your audience & a coupon code to use at checkout (ie. “doctanick”). Make your code easy, fun and kind!  Learn more about the perks and get ready to sign up here.

You will need:

Email Address to receive E-Checks




Passion for Essential Oil Wizardry

Become a Local Botanical Ambassador!


Are you already invested in Essential Oil Wizardry products? Would you love to keep a stock to distribute to your community at local events and venues? Carry your own “Fuck Yes! Travel Bag” of EOW magick everywhere you go to share in the abundance? The oils have heart and a path of their own. By simply carrying the oils, sharing them authentically and enjoying the process, we connect deeper with our community and people FEEL the impact of our products.

Essential Oil Wizardry endorses sharing from the heart and sees a reciprocal exchange from authentic sharing that typically will translate into an energy received in some form. By carrying full bottles of our essential oil products, you make it easy for people to support you for the impact that you make AND empower them to go home and continue recreating the beneficial experience that you brought to them with the oil offering you made. 

Sharing the oils is a great way to make hundreds of friends. Get invited to really exciting exclusive events! Host local pop-ups and gather the community together. Holding an Essential Oil Collection for sharing is like a master key for transformation, inviting growth, new experiences and enhances every aspect of your experience. You have an opportunity to add value everywhere you go, in alliance with the plants and to generate financial wellness when you become more familiar with the oils and people gain trust in your knowledge base. This starts from personal experimentation, reviewing Dr. Nick’s notes & videos from the website, researching articles and essential oil references. 

To get started as a Botanical Ambassador with Essential Oil Wizardry, you must be able to share the oils. This requires an investment in purchasing the oils to share the oils through use & distribution. We are happy to extend discounts to our Botanical Ambassadors and email support to reflect ideas and intentions. 

Upon signing up and being accepted for our affiliate program, you can receive a 20% off which can be used for any orders $250+ and above to aid in your authentic sharing and inspiration for using the oils.

We offer 40% off for wholesale orders with a minimum investment of $750 to our Botanical Ambassadors. Subsequent orders require a minimum investment of $500. 

To check out our latest EOW Wholesale Catalog, please download here.

Essential Oil Wizardry has been organically growing since 2014 from authentic sharing, Dr. Nick’s passion for delivering lifestyle solutions that work and really guiding people’s personal growth to the best of his experience with his arsenal of botanical magick. Please focus on creating positive value added opportunities for others!

EOW reserves the right to review anyone’s participation as a Botanical Ambassador if they are reported to make anyone’s purchasing experience uncomfortable OR if they make unlawful medical claims.

To apply, please start off by signing up for our affiliate program

Email us at [email protected] and tell us more about you, your vision and why you would love to share Essential Oil Wizardry products with your community. Why are you in resonance? Tell us why you will be a great Botanical Ambassador with Essential Oil Wizardry! Share with us any support that you will benefit from our team at Essential Oil Wizardry!

Email us to request a one-time 20% coupon code for your first $250+ order.

Empower local Shops & Botanical Influencers to stock and distribute our products at a wholesale rate.

Are you super passionate about Essential Oil Wizardry? Would you enjoy seeing and experiencing our quality products, rare & exotic extracts and exciting Wizard Alchemy Blends everywhere you go? Together we will make this happen together!  

We are inviting everyday enthusiasts of Essential Oil Wizardry to be our voice in the marketplace. Share our passion and products with your local community members, entrepreneurs, holistic therapists, energy healers, massage therapists, business owners, boutique shops. Empower others with the awareness of our products, brand and educate them about our wholesale offering ($750+ Investment ~ 40% off Retail).  

Get rewarded for establishing a connection with a new Botanical Ambassador wholesale account by a 10% commission of the wholesale order. Even better – if you choose to continue to service their account (aid them with selecting future orders and submit the order/payment for them), you will continue to receive a 10% commission from EACH of their future orders you service!

Our new Botanical Ambassador you enroll wins. You win. We win. Win / Win / Win.  

Best Ever!!

Download Our Latest Essential Oil Wizardry Affiliate Catalog here.

Share this catalog as you are excited with other enthusiastic Botanical Ambassadors!

Connect our new Botanical Ambassador by making an introduction via email.  You can guide the ideal product selections or allow our core team to fine-tune product offerings for their first purchase.

Receive 10% commission from their finalized wholesale order.