Wizard Immersion Camp ~ Botanical Ambassador Retreat


As we root into a new temple home, 23 acres property & lab facility, this offering is currently being redesigned and will be launched again when the format is clear and ready.  Stay tuned, Summer / Fall of 2022 we intend to start either private hosted experiences on our land, or a group retreat, with a dive into essential oil education.

You may contact us at [email protected] to be added to our wait list for participants.

Wizard Immersion Camp

The next phase of Essential Oil Wizardry (EOW) is about the community of Botanical Ambassadors.  This camping event located at the EOW Lab in Ashland, Oregon is intended to be a gentle immersive experience & community building event.  Dive into the holistic world of essential oils & contribute to a co-creative initiation embibing in the collective energy/community of EOW.  Attendees will be guided on a botanical journey of a lifetime, while learning from each other, sharing their own unique gifts ~ this experience will be under the guidance & direction by Dr. Nick and lead by over 200 essential oil products which will be available to smell, sniff, experience & experiment freely as you choose ~

Wizard Immersion Camp will take you on an opportunity behind the scenes of Essential Oil Wizardry - take a sneak peek behind the curtain to learn what makes our oils so vibed-up!  Be free to create your own abundance vials to share with your local community.  Take on a research project for your favorite essential oil & follow-up with a written description to learn deeper aspects of the pharmacology/origin of it's plant use.  Put together your own abundance vials to share with others as samples and for yourself. Create your own botanical perfume and integrate your alchemical side.  Learn about an exquisite assortment of pure essential oil / CO2 extracts, EOWs Wizard Alchemy Blends, Botanical Perfumes, EO Tinctures, Kava Kava, CBD and other assorted magick.

This experience is intended to be a gentle immersion into the EOW multi-verse for you to obtain the tools/wisdom to effectively learn / deepen your connection with plant medicine and feel more confident in engaging the communities around you to support / share Essential Oil Wizardry products.  From the tools engaged at this event, you will be better equipped to support those around you, elevating their well-being & sense of joy in a way that can financially reward your passion through the oils that you invest in & distribute. Some of our Botanical Ambassadors sell $500-$1000 / month and has become a very integrated part of who they are & how they show up for others in the healing space. Our goal is to empower you with confidence and botanical medicine to share in your local community which you can integrate naturally with your current offering that brings additional inspiration & financial abundance into your life ~

Three Wizard Immersion Camp Packages

Monthly Members save 10-15% off any Wizard Immersion Camp package!  Another perk for our EOW community of wizards 🙂

Young Mage ~ $555 - Includes $222 Essential Oils: Wholesale 40% Discount for Future Orders ($350 Minimum)
Apprentice Magician ~ $777 - Includes $555 Essential Oils: Wholesale 45% Discount for Future Orders ($350 Minimum)
Alchemical Wizard ~ $1111 - Includes $1111 Essential Oils: Wholesale 50% Discount for Future Orders ($500 Minimum) & ONE-TIME Order @ 55% Wholesale Discount, ($500 Minimum)

Flow~Tinerary (Dynamically Adjusted With YOU In Heart)
Thursday, May 17th @5pm - Monday, May 21st @1:11pm
Programming Co-Curated 11am - 8pm Friday - Sunday ~ Vegan/GF Lunch & Dinner Provided (Friday - Sunday)

Begin Arrival ~ Set-Up Camp 5pm
Communal Dinner 6-7pm (Provided)
Welcome & Intention Setting
Integration Evening ~ Flow Evening

Walk The Property
Tour The Lab
Energetic Attunements
Discuss different extraction types (Essential Oils, CO2 Extracts, Floral Absolutes)
Pure Essential Oils in The Garden
Explore different plant species (i.e. Cedar, Eucalyptus, Jasmine)
Lunch Break
Magickal Floss Party
Explore Application Techniques
Wizard Alchemy Products - A Journey of Product Formulation
Sound Vibration - Bring Your Musical Instruments!

Create Your Own Botanical Perfume
Vaporizing / DABBING Essential Oils
Infusing Essential Oils & CO2 Extracts into foods / beverages
Lunch Break
Expansive walks in the wild forest
Ultrasonic Extractions - Discussion & Observations
Reviewing Reference Books / Materials
Cosmic Poetry - Inspiration from Nature
Medicine Ceremony 9pm

Rare, Precious & Exotic Extracts ~ Woah!!
Ecstatic Dance in Ashland (?)
Social Tincture Experience
Lunch Break
Divine-Align Chakra Galactivation
Make Abundance Vials To Share!
Exquisite Botanical Perfumes
Dinner Break
Chocolate & Essential Oils (?!)
Interactive Evening / Community Dreams

Closing Ceremony 9:30AM
1-1 Intention Setting w/ Doc Pack Up Camp! 10AM
Co-Creating Your Essential Oil Package 11:11AM - 1:11PM

Please Bring

  • Your Tent
  • Camping Gear
  • Towel for Bathing

You are permitted to use the facilities during your stay.  We are thrilled to open our temple space to you as a guest!  Please bring your own towel and be prepared for warm-hot days and cool-cold evenings.  Ashland is WILD!


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