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Rhododendron Essential Oil


Rhododendron Essential Oil (Rhododendron anthropogon)

Ancient guardian shrub that blesses the slopes of Nepal from 3300-5100 meters, used by Himalayan heals to promote digestive heat, stimulate appetite, bone disease, vomiting and blood disorders.  Rhododendron essential oil is a less commonly known, powerhouse to aid with energetic and emotional support.

  • Aids in Transitional Periods
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-microbial
  • Decongestant
  • Digestive Aid (Stimulates / Nausea / Vomiting)
  • Enhances Circulation
  • Great in Diffuser
  • Energetically Fortifying
  • Mind Stimulating / Balancing
  • Stimulates Appetite
  • Used in Bone Disease

Aromatic Scent: Soft & green, slightly balasmic and reminiscent of ocean mist. Simply revitalizing ~

Dr. Nick Notes

Rhododendron is a new essential oil for most, our Rhododendron essential oil extracted from the Himalayan Dwarf, Rhododendron anthropogon species. My first few days with exploring the essence, I inhaled deeply and took small amounts in my hands, waving it around the body (auric cleanse) and massaging into the bottom of my feet. Fortifying is the best word I have to describe my experience – a deep masculine, nurturing protective agent.

Something deeply soothing and fortifying about this essential oil ~ having no linear knowledge about it prior to experimentation, I liken the protective energetic qualities similar to Blue Yarrow. Rhododendron is protective, relaxing and stimulating to the mind. Seems to move stagnancy and can be added into body care products (ie. shampoo / conditioner) for an added layer of cleanliness and clarity.

This product has been sourced from the native Nepalese and have shared the following information about it's usage historically in the Himalayas. The flowers/leaves have been used to steep tea for promoting digestive heat, to stimulate appetite, relieve liver disorders and aid in sore throat(s). Himalayan aromatherapy claims that rhododendron has grounding, calming and centering properties. The distillers state that this essence (known as balu OR sunpati) is also beneficial for water-earth illness, fire headaches / back pain, blood disorders and bone disease. Rhododendron has also been used as a sacred fragrant substance to be burnt in offering to sanctify and pacify the space.

How to Use

  • Add 5-15 drops / ounce of body care product to enhance refreshing properties.
  • As a decongestant, add 1-3 drops rhododendon and 1-2 drops of peppermint – inhale through the hands and add into a carrier oil – massage into the chest and move stagnancy, break up phlegm.
  • Enjoy lukewarm bath, placing 3-5 drops under running water – paradise!
  • Rub 1-3 drops into hands, move hands in front and around the body to cleanse energy field.
  • Massage 1-5 drops into bottom of feet to ground, fortify and promote mental clarity. Restores balance.
  • Diffuse into the environment using a diffuser to sanctify / purify the environment.
  • Dynamic Diffuse to cleanse an environment of negative energy by placing 1-5 drops on fingertips or hands and snapping/wafting fingertips or hands around a room. Very powerful!!
  • Infuse 1-5% into a carrier oil and massage over lymph, kidney and liver. Potent skin tonic that aids in circulation, add with Juniper, Frankincense or Grapefruit.
  • Place a few drops on incense to enhance the energetic properties.
  • Rub into the scalp to stimulate hair follicles and enhance circulation, promote mental clarity.

Generally non-irritating, non-sensitizing and non-toxic. Not clear on safety in nursing, pregnancy.

Blends Well With: Cedar, Frankincense Sacra, Geranium, Ginger, Lavender, Red Mandarin, Neroli, Orange Essence, Black Pine, Black Spruce, Clary Sage, Violet Leaf

Cultivation: Wildcrafted, Organic Practices
Country of Origin: Nepal
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Parts of Plant Used: Leaves/Flowers

Terpenes: Primarily Limonene, Pinene (Alpha/Beta), Delta-Cadinene, Cis-Ocimene, Trans-Beta-Farnesene, Alpha-Selinene. Others in smaller concentration include: Myrcene, Para-Cymene, Trans Beta-Ocimen, Linalyl Propionate, Bornyl Acetate, Citronellyl Acetate, Alpha Copaene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and many others in <1%
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. *


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