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Perfume Party



Perfume Party!

Would you love to gather a group of your closest friends and have a memorable experience that will wear on you for YEARS?  This is your opportunity to seal a moment in your personal history to co-create a special experience in Ashland, Oregon with Dr. Nick and his team of alchemical wizards ~ each participant will have the opportunity to co-create their own blend.  Create a gifted perfume for a loved one in calling forth the insight and intuition with our talented perfumers.

Perfect for a birthday celebration, bridal shower, ceremonial blessing or for a life-expanding thrill!  Our Best wedding gifts for friends

Celebrate a birthday celebration, marriage, bridal shower, graduation, new career or other ceremonial experiences ~ encapulsate this feeling into a bottle using plant essences as the medium for timeless art.  You can express the whole spectrum of emotion using the Essential Oil Wizardry's finest, premium quality organic / wildcrafted essential oils, CO2 extracts & precious absolutes infused into organic artisan alcohol (Honey, Coconut & Lychee) as a base.  You and your group will be guided by Dr. Nick & team to craft your individual intentions into 1 oz perfume bottles for years to come.  Select from HUNDREDS of essential oil products and play with our team to express your deep seeded truth & fulfillment through your individualized essence.  Our inspired team of wizards is thrilled to craft a truly unique and exquisite perfume designed and inspired by you.

These exotic formulations are a collaborative sensual reflection of your highest refined emotional, spiritual and physical state of being.  This is a deeply intimate experience intended to call forth the highest intentions of your divine expression botanically manifest through a bottle. Memorialize a special moment in your life through this sacred ceremony of creating your own unique perfume. Your exquisite botanical perfume will be a unique aroma complex, carefully noting your recipe with precision for ease of future refillment.

  • This journey begins with aromatic wizards guiding your awareness of basic perfumery concepts and takes you through the creation process of your own.
  • Each guest creates their own vial of concentrated magick to capture the essence of the experience as a time capsule using hundreds of essential oils to choose from.
  • Take your own notes about your formulation including the order of addition to effectively scale your personal perfume bottle.
  • You can enlist our talented team to aid you in scaling your unique botanical blend into a full one ounce perfume bottle for your daily sacred application.

Perfume Parties are intended to be about 2-3 hour co-created experiences.  Meals & accommodations in Ashland are NOT included with this experience.  You can imagine about 3-5 hours for your humble visit to our alchemical lab in Ashland, Oregon!  Please contact us about visiting with dates you have in heart before making purchases if you are traveling outside of Ashland to visit, ESPECIALLY if you have a specific date in mind.  

Essential Oil Wizardry Perfume Parties hold space for a minimum of 3 guests to a maximum of 8 guests.

Let your senses teach you how these aromatic plants stimulate your awareness and facilitate healing. With some guidance, your inner awareness will craft a botanical perfume that is truly yours. This is a transformational group experience often complete with emotional release, high levels of ecstasy and euphoria.

* Rare, Precious & Exotic extracts may be included at an additional premium when available. *


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