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Integration Tincture (Club Members Only)

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Integration Tincture (Ultrasonic Synergy Blend)

*Limited Batch & Supply for Club Members*

Integration Tincture was born from a powerful experience I had for my 38th birthday this year. This was a novel type of therapeutic session which invited me to reflect deep within my soul and triggered some personal healing, while releasing old habits no longer serving me. This experience helped me do the work to heal some important relationships in my life. Integration Tincture was crafted and downloaded from the intention of supporting this therapy by bolstering the body, mind and spirit. During my experience this formulation was downloaded through me and six months later it was created into being.

The plants: Bobinsana to help open the heart and soften the emotions ~ Gingko to support the mind and circulation, Maca & Tribulus to support hormonal function and strengthen the body, Melissa lifts the mood and relaxes the nervous system, St. John’s Wort to shine light onto the emotions. To aid with a general full body-mind-heart-spirit connection, integration of change, or to bring immense focus or clarity. I’ve tried using this every morning for several weeks and have found this to have the qualities it’s name suggests. This is a VERY special tincture, and may be a limited edition item special for our members – so In-JOY! (PS. We have a limited remaining stock reserved for our Club Members)

Ingredients: Ultrasonic Extract Blend of Bobinsana, Gingko Biloba, Maca, Melissa, St. John’s Wort, Tribulus infused into Structured Spring Water & Organic Honey Spirits.

Last Updated November 20, 2023.

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