Frankincense Sacra




Boswellia sacra

“Royal Frankincense” harvested from the Dhofar region from Oman.  These hojari resins produce the most incredible frankincense my senses have yet to experience – Hands down, the finest frankincense essential oil I've ever experienced!

– anti-inflammatory
– anti-microbial
– anti-tumor
– anti-aging
– anti-oxidant
– anti-hyperlipidemic
– aids burns (esp. w/ lavender)
– meditative aid
– sedative
– skin care

Dr. Nick Notes

If you are being called to the finest frankincense on the planet, look no further.  A bold, humbling claim – this frankincense essence will truly impress you ~

Boswellia sacra, the Royal Frankincense extracted from Hojari Resins from Dhofar region in Oman is the finest frankincense on the planet and produces a superior quality extract.  When I first experienced this oil, I had noticed something different about the vibration and clarity of it's essence – the vitality felt unique from what I was used to from other batches / species of Boswellia.  Frankincense Sacra can really liven up a botanical perfume or therapeutic blend.  Being flammable, it's a special treat to infuse onto palo santo sticks or incense to light up a whole new level of purity.

Olibanum (frankincense) offers a rich source of essential oil  (5-10%) upon distillation ~ frankincense means “pure incense”. It’s been used for anti-arthritic, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties and constituents known as boswellic acids have recently found to have potential as an anti-cancer agent (1). Boswellic acid has a high molecular weight and is unlikely to distill into the EO in any noticeable quantity due to it's large size & high boiling point; some other extraction methods (ie. CO2 extraction) may have noticeable quantity of boswellic acids. Boswellic acids have anti-inflammatory activity and are capable of quelling immune system hyperactivity via multiple mechanisms (3).Frankincense oil has also been shown to inhibit acetylcholinesterase suggesting potential therapeutic benefit in Alzheimer’s disease (1). My assumption based on mechanism of action would be associated with the high levels of α-pinene of this oil.

Artisan Notes From Distiller!
We are one of the few companies in Oman which was given a license to collect and distill the essential oil of sacra by the ministry of agriculture. Our  resins are collected from the Dhofar region of Oman and we maintain a record from which area we collect them.We make sure that the trees are not over harvested and Oman is the only country in the world where frankincense is propagated and free trees are given for planting.
We use steam to distill our oil and carry out the distillation in stainless steel vessels. Our process is very slow and takes around thirteen hour to complete. The oil sent to you are from the Hojari resins and we shall send you the oil through our distribution company.  Boswellia sacra has been regarded as the king of frankincense because of its quality and aroma. Salalah where our distillery is based has been trading with frankincense for hundreds of years. The whole town smells of frankincense as every household burns the frankincense resins in the evening.

Which Frankincense Extract is right for me?

Essential Oil Wizardry offers four different species of Frankincense: Boswellia Carteri (CO2), Serrata (CO2), Boswellia Frereana, Boswellia Sacra.  Here's Dr. Nick's OVERSIMPLIFIED reflections on choosing the best Frankincense for you!

Carteri (CO2) – Our flagship, super affordable and amazing quality of Frankincense, CO2 Extracted providing a more full-spectrum experience of very clean, uplifting Frankincense.  This is my go-to general use Frankincense extract and probably the most versatile AND common frankincense species people recognize on the essential oil market.  Fresh, vitalizing and combines super well for therapeutic & aromatic purposes.
Serrata (CO2) – Frankincense Serrata has the most clinical research associated with frankincense's anti-tumor properties.  Some people search for frankincense because they believe it will be an adjunctive for their cancer treatment.  While we cannot suggest Frankincense will cure or treat any disease, if I was searching for Frankincense to use as an adjunct to treatment, this would be Boswellia species I would choose as it has the most research papers studying the mechanism and evaluating the effectiveness of Frankincense's (Boswellia serrata) anti-tumor properties.  The scent is unique and ranges between soft earthy & sweet to slightly astringent and pickle-like ~ provides a unique ingredient for botanical perfumery!
Frereana – Frankincense Frereana flourishes on a higher elevation of the Somalian mountains and contains a unique terpene composition: the higher pinene, thujene and cymene content deliver a medicinal extract with a strong aromatic turpentine note.  For analgesic & anti-inflammatory properties, this is the superior option – the scent is much more medicinal and earthy/spice.  Great to have in the personal medicine cabinet!
Sacra – Royal Frankincense AKA Boswellia sacra produced by superior grade Frankincense tears of the Omani region – considered to produce the FINEST quality of Frankincense essential oil on the planet!  This has a very special vibration to the extract and is my preference for prayer, ceremony and more energetic formulations (ie. Third Eye).  This is my personal favorite Frankincense oil that we carry – The standard market price for a premium quality Boswellia Sacra is typically ~$70-80 / 15 mL which we are able to generously offer for $40 / 15 mL.  We are so grateful to have access to this precious resource!

How to Use

  • Skin care – Everyday body or face creams can be made with 1 drop per 5ml or teaspoon (6 drops per oz) of carrier lotion (~1%) – Frank is great for rashes, cuts, burns or scrapes – add to shampoos and soaps!
  • Massage oils – try adding into massage oils for aching joints or muscles along with other potent oils.
  • Shower time – add 1 – 5 drops on a washcloth and rub onto your skin during your final rinse of a hot shower for a quick steam bath. Wait at least 15 seconds before reapplying water to frankin-hanced skin.
  • Inhalation – Elevate the spirit and center the mind for meditative practices by placing 1 drop in an essential VAAAPP or by placing 1-2 drops on the palms of your hands, rubbing them together then inhaling with palms flat to your face.

Safety Summary

Hazards: Skin sensitization if oxidized. EO is flammable,
Cautions: Old or oxidized oils theoretically should be avoided.

~ Adopted from Tisserand & Young, Essential Oil Safety, 2nd ed. 2013 ~

Cultivation: Wildcrafted
Country of Origin: Oman

Terpenes: (major) α-thujene, terpinen-4-ol, α-pinene, limonene, octyl acetate, octanol, myrcene, E-β-cymene, Duva-3,9,13-triene-1a-ol-5,8-oxide-1-acetate, Trans-Verbenol (minor) more than 300 other constituents have been isolated from various essential oils of boswellia sp. (Hussain 2013)

~ Be Blessed ~


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5 mL, 15 mL

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