Essential Oil Vaporizer (Essential VAAAPP) Package




Our Essential Oil Vaporizer Package comes complete with:

1 Essential VAAAPP Vaporizer (Color Variable)
6 Glass Vials
3-4 Pure Essential Oils/Vapor Oils – Hand selected by the Docta himself!

The Essential VAAAPP is an old-school original vaporizer device – highly effective device for vaporizing essential oils and powders, less effective for vaporization of loose plant material. This was the first device (and still my favorite even after it's limitations) I investigated vaporizing pure essential oils.  Incredibly smooth, full of flavor – one drop of oil easily provides for 10-20 inhalations with appropriate technique.  Lost access to this device about a year & half ago – rediscovered the source and am happily making this package available once again!

Benefits: Inexpensive, great for manually vaporizing essential oils and concentrations. Portable, easy to use. Very versatile contraption and easy to clean (soak in rubbing alcohol and/or sea salt).

Drawbacks: Better alternatives for vaporizing raw plant material. Clean or replace vials after usage. Cannot verify specific heating temperature through manual heating process.

Warning: Not compatible for use with any tincture containing alcohol!  Not for use with any of Dr. Nick's Essential Oil Tinctures.  Vaporizing any tinctures may cause short-long term damage to the lungs!

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Vaporizer Package (3-4 oils), Vaporizer Only, Vaporizer + 1g Blue Lotus Absolute

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