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Dr. Nick’s Essential Oils for Sauna Kit

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Dr. Nick's Essential Oils for Sauna Kit

~ Restore, Recover & Unwind ~

Dr. Nick's Sauna Kit is a collection of the best therapeutic essential oils for sauna which offer a supportive role for deeper recovery using a sauna.  Our sauna set is a collection of 14 Essential Oils, CO2 Extracts & Wizard Alchemy Blends to enhance / deepen the experience using Infrared / Steam Saunas!  Each Set comes with 15 mL Essential Oils / CO2 Extracts and you will select your desired Wizard Alchemy Blend sizes.

Includes: Wizard Alchemy Blends [Circulatory Flow, EaseOlution, InVigor, Oil of Elevation, Re-NEW, ReSpire, Root] & Essential Oils / CO2 Extracts [Cedar Atlas, Cocoa (CO2) Infusion, Eucalyptus Polybractae, Eucalyptus Radiata, Lavender, Raspberry Seed (CO2), RavINTsara]

Circulatory Flow - Created to promote detoxification, stimulate the lymph / kidneys and support general fluid transfer in the body.  Massage into the body during sauna session - before or during sauna time.
EaseOlution - Anti-inflammatory synergy blend, very calming and relaxing.  Apply several drops onto sore areas to help with minor pains.  Inhale in palms to relax overactive mind and calm nervous system.  Great for self massage, really seems to rejuvenate minor aches and set the stage for a great day!
InVigor - Very stimulating.  Close eyes, apply several drops into hands, rub hands together and cup hands to mouth / nose and take deep inhalations.  Great lift for anytime of day.  Take care not to get into eyes 🙂
Oil of Elevation - Great meditative aid, both calming and focusing.  Applied to the wrist points, bottom of feet and below the nose are my favorite areas.  Combination of Cedar, Frankincense & Myrrh express majestic waves of stillness to deepen sauna experience.
Re-NEW - Formulated to aid with detoxification, to reduce inflammation in the body and used in massage to stimulate fluids & organs.  Re-NEW is a warming synergy of powerful plant extracts and I think of this the opposite end of the spectrum with similar function to Circulatory Flow.
ReSpire - Very powerful bronchodilator, aids with opening lungs, throat.  Cooling, refreshing & opening.  Applied into the chest, diluting into a carrier oil is a favorite method during sauna.  Using a few drops into the palms, closing eyes and cupping hands to nose and mouth is a very strong (intense) way to in-joy ReSpire.  Can drop a few drops onto warm stones (dry sauna) and keep eyes closed while essence circulates.
Root - Grounding, calming and embodying essential oil blend.  Massaged into the feet, lower abdomen and inhaled deeply.  Great for setting the stage for a productive day ~

Cedar Atlas - Sacred plant according to Native American traditions, Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil is very grounding, stabilizing and an ally to be embodied.  Place several drops onto stones to soothe and nourish the environment and ease an overactive mind.  Cedarwood Oil is sometimes used to treat / condition wood or leather - in a small conspicuous spot, you may experiment with treating wood saunas by wiping a thin coat of cedar oil into the wood and watching how the wood fares over 48 hours.  Cedar Atlas oil may be a prime extract to cleanse and liven up wood saunas as a natural conditioner!
Cocoa (CO2) Infusion - Our CO2 Extracted Cocoa Infusion is a rich Cacao extract including the concentrated Cacao butter infused in Fractionated Coconut Oil.  This is a chocolate dream, thick very aromatic oil which is helpful to nourish the skin.  Seals in moisture and also great applied to minor burns (ie. mild sunburns) - I enjoy applying this after I clean my body from a sauna to contain my fluids and generally nourish my body.
Eucalyptus Polybractae & Eucalyptus Radiata - We use these two Eucalyptus interchangeably in the sauna.  Polybractae feels more smooth / pure while Radiata may penetrate more deeper.  We use Eucalyptus to aid with opening the lungs - the extract is refreshing & cooling.  A favorite technique is to dilute Eucalyptus and apply into the chest ~ Using a few drops into the palms, closing eyes and cupping hands to nose and mouth is a very strong (intense) way to in-joy Eucalyptus.  Can drop a few drops onto warm stones (dry sauna) and keep eyes closed while essence circulates.  Eucalyptus and ReSpire are used very similarly and there's something nice and simple about pure Eucalyptus oil.
Lavender - Great for relaxation / calming the nervous system.  Can apply into the feet, drop a few drops on heated stones or simply take some deep inhalations of Lavender to soothe.  Try 1 drop below the nose and just sit and breathe consciously (can be more intense at hotter temperatures).
Raspberry Seed (CO2) - Nourishing CO2 Extract rich in beneficial fatty acids, great for vitalizing skin / face.  Advised to dry face / body well after sauna session, apply a thin coat into skin and face as you choose.  Showers are suggested before application to fully cleanse body after sauna elimination of toxins.
RavINTsara - Powerful broad-spectrum anti-microbial extract, very cooling and refreshing.  Great for opening the lungs / airways - apply into hands and breathe into lungs.  Infuse into a carrier oil and massage into chest before sauna session to help open lungs / break of mucous. Use care not to get into eyes (ie. close eyes during inhalation)

Docta's Notes:  My Sauna Collection, originally inspired for Paul Chek made public to assist our audience for deeper levels of beautification, detoxification, relaxation & meditation in the sauna. A broad set of pure oils / therapeutic blends to enjoy a potent sauna session, and to enhance the recovery qualities after a nice detox sweat.  This collection is well discussed in my notes above about the inclusion for each item.  I personally weave between combinations of these oils / blends for my AM sauna practice, typically 3-5x / week.  In general, I find a more full experience of relaxation, muscle recovery, release of congestion in respiratory system, more still meditation practice, more complete & lovely glow post shower / cleanup, and generally speaking, an enhanced quality for the remainder of my day,

Take great care in not applying oils directly onto sauna as the oils may cosmetically affect sauna materials with time (ie. stain wood, etc.) by covering area with towel(s) or protective layer.

~ Wishing Luxury Aromatic Sauna Sessions 2 All ~

* Take care to cover & protect sauna materials (ie. covering or towel layer) as essential oils may stain many materials including wood / stone. Essential Oil Wizardry does not accept liability for physical damages to sauna. *

** These product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have history of seizure disorder or any other medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. **

*** Other honorable mentions for sauna experience include Celest~TreeAL, Third Eye & Cosmic Orgasm tincture to deepen meditation in the sauna area. Trinity is another blend which I enjoy in the sauna to massage into the scalp and temples (which can be more potent for some) for therapeutic purposes.

~ Retail Price Range: $329 - $494 ~

Last Updated January 26th, 2024.

3 reviews for Dr. Nick's Essential Oils for Sauna Kit

  1. Anne S. (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    usMichigan, United States

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  2. Wizard Nick

    Nick Wizard (store manager)

    Hiya Matt! Sounds like we may have made an error 🙂

    Care to email us using our Contact Us page? We would be thrilled to ship you out your missing oil! Excuse our mistake <3

    ~ Dr. Nick

  3. Ian M. (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    usWisconsin, United States

    These blends are simply amazing for the sauna. Your experience instantly upgrades a few notches.

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  4. Matt Mcgownd (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    usCalifornia, United States

    Oils are great even though I was missing one

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