Crown Chakra Oil

~ 7th Chakra: Violet / White / Gold ~

Ingredients - 100% pure & natural essential oils/CO2 extracts infused into ORMUS Enhanced Fractionated Coconut Oil OR Organic Craft Lychee Spirits

  • Wildcrafted Agarwood <Oud>, CO2 Extracted (Assam)
  • Wildcrafted African Copal Bark, CO2 Extracted (Africa)
  • Angelica Root, CO2 Extracted (Poland)
  • Blue Lotus Absolute (Sri-Lanka)
  • Organic Nutmeg, CO2 Extracted (Indonesia)
  • Wildcrafted Opoponax (Ethiopia)
  • Organic Pink Pepper (Madagascar)

Docta's Notes:  Succinct, elevated and euphoric, Crown provides quite an elevated expression with powerful sacred plants dancing in unison.  Oud, Angelica Root, African Copal Bark, Blue Lotus & Opoponax formulate the pentagonal perfection of lovely vibrations that really help attune the consciousness in subtly powerful ways.  This really provides a nice finish going from the base (Root) to the roof (Crown) when applying the whole Divine-Align: Chakra Set.  The Exquisite Botanical Perfume is intriguing to wear as it works FOR YOU to align yourself around people of a harmonious inner beauty and gentle sophistication.

Alchemy of the Moment: The pinnacle of creation is represented by infinite geometries and complex information dancing in synchrony. Explosions of tantric information downloaded through being , this formula is a physical representation of a portal into higher realms. All formulas have been channeled from source and this expression is one of infinite creation, a reminder of our true essence.

Birthed Feb 26, 2015.

High level energetic essences affirmed their collaboration in the making of this blend. Rich etheric Opoponax wraps around the solid amber base from African Copal Bark reaching a solid connection from ground to Heavens with Angelica Root. This inner formula kicks spice with Pink Pepper & Nutmeg to intensify the physical experience allowing more focus into higher energy levels. Some of the most precious botanical extracts on the planet are then added: Oud (Agarwood) & Blue Lotus Absolute which blow open the mind and elevate consciousness to super-critical levels of being. Levitate your reality and go Astral!

Uses:  Crown Essential Oil Blend can be applied to the crown of the head to heighten meditative states and connection to the divine.  Crown Exquisite Botanical Perfume is a powerful attractor for high alignment individuals and tends to bring more safe & elevated experiences into your field when worn on the wrist points and around the neck.


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