“Cool It Down” Summer Bundle


~ Keep It Cool ~

Stay refreshed and revitalized with this brand new Summer Bundle! Our intention is to provide a few solid formulas for regulating body temperature and helping to keep the system relaxed and balanced during hot summer days, during a sauna, or after a nice workout.

Bundle Contents:

1 x 15mL Circulatory Flow Essential Oil Blend

1 x 1oz (30mL) Shower in a Bottle (Morning Glory)

1 x 15mL Organic Peppermint Essential Oil

"Cool It Down" Summer Bundle

Cool it Down this summer with this brand new essential oil bundle!
Inspired by 105 degree days spent outside at a festival, this "Cool it Down" Summer Bundle is a great start to getting your outdoor summer days dialed in.
Start fresh with our Shower in a Bottle formulation - a magic mister of all-natural antimicrobial elements along with organic essential oils to spray under the arms and anywhere else on the body that might want a little freshening up. Great to bring in your bag with you wherever you go!
Peppermint is the go-to pure essential oil for instant cooling to the full body as well as a nervous system reset. Just add a few drops into the hands and apply to the back of your neck, as well as anyone around you that might need a little cool down. For those with extra sensitive skin, you may want to infuse in a carrier oil like Fractionated Coconut Oil, Olive, or Jojoba.
Circulatory Flow tops it off with a deeply refreshing and cooling experience. Massage over the kidneys, over the lymph points, arms and legs, or generally around the body. This is excellent after your daily run, right out of the sauna, or during any hot summer day!

Enjoy the cooling sensations of this "Cool It Down" Summer Bundle, and let us know how all of these products worked for you this summer by leaving us a Review!


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