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Boundless Collection by Ben Greenfield

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Boundless Collection

The Boundless Collection is a set of Ben Greenfield’s favorite Essential Oil Wizardry products to support an optimized lifestyle.  Whether you are into breathwork, meditation, prayer, sensual fragrances, digestion enhancement, respiratory support, love making, creative writing & ideation, or simply you want to relax, this collection has you covered!

Boundless Collection offers the following premium quality blends, tinctures, essential oils & exquisite perfume: Blue Lotus Absolute, Rose Anointing Oil, Respire, Digestif, Third Eye, Spark Tincture & Essence of Wizard

Boundless Collection is packaged in beautiful 10 mL Miron Glass Bottles, unless stated otherwise:

Blue Lotus Absolute (1 mL in vial, 1/4 bottle full) – Sensuality / Meditation

This legendary botanical extract is revered in Egyptian culture & mysticism.  Blue Lotus Absolute is seductive, euphoric, sensually and connects is a higher state of consciousness when worn, added into a massage oil, or inhaled into the body.  Blue Lotus is most potent with it’s consciousness enhancing qualities by vaporizing the Blue Lotus extract and inhaling into the lungs, or by ingesting it (ie. Blue Lotus Tincture).  The effects are both subtle and profound, playful and etheric.
For even more subtle / softer qualities, smell it, wear on the body as a botanical perfume and infuse into your favorite body / massage oil.

To produce authentic Blue Lotus Absolute, it takes approximately 1 pound of dried flowers / single gram of plant material which makes the labor and cost of this extract top-tier.  Most “Blue Lotus Oil” on the market is synthetic fragrance compounds sold for far less than it actually costs to produce authentic Blue Lotus Absolute.  Experience the real-deal Blue Lotus extract!

Rose Anointing Oil – Heart Expansion / Connection / Relaxation

Heavenly Bulgarian Rose Absolute infused in ORMUS Enhanced Fractionated Coconut Oil makes this saintly aroma delicate, relaxing and sensual.  Rose oil is known for it’s heart opening qualities, and is nourishing when applied topically to the face or skin with it’s rich lipid profile.  Great for forgiveness, opening the heart to love and to calm down after a full day.  Enjoy applying Rose to your body as a botanical perfume, especially applied around the heart.  A few drops go a long way!

Respire – Breathwork / Lung Support

Helps to stimulate the lungs by opening the respiratory system.  Broad-spectrum anti-microbial and immune supportive formula!  Try applying a few drops in the hands, rub the hands together, cup the hands in front of the nose / mouth, and take 3 deep inhalations in.  Sometimes will stimulate the lungs, break up phlegm and may result in temporary coughing as this formula has mucolytic ingredients.

Digestif – Upset Stomach / Gas / Bloating

The Digestif Oil is a very versatile and powerful blend which helps to settle an upset stomach, reduce gas and bloating (carminative).  Digestif is perfect for travel, heavier meals, upset stomach, poor digestion and in some cases, constipation – truly an all-in-one digestion formula.  A drop of digestif oil can be massaged into the belly or inhaled directly into the lungs.  Some even choose to put a drop on their tongues or placed into a beverage for more expedient effects, such as during an episode of food poisoning.

Third Eye
– Meditation / Breathwork

One of Ben’s favorite EOW formulas to aid with meditation and breathwork.  This formulation can be applied to the third eye region to enhance focus and meditative qualities.  Very calming, centering and spiritually connecting, Third Eye contains rare & exotic extracts such as Royal Sandalwood, Jasmine Grandiflorum & Cacao Absolute.

Spark Tincture (15 mL) – Breathwork / Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

One of Ben’s favorite potent Wizard Tinctures from Essential Oil Wizardry.  Spark Tincture is very concentrated: only one single drop can freshen the breath & open up the lungs and throat. Spark’s ingredients help to stimulate the immune system, cause broncodilation (expands airways), and cool the breath.  Take care to follow instructions on the bottle – this is not a traditional tincture, so use with care and consciousness!

Essence of Wizard (5 mL) – Exquisite Cologne / Perfume

An exquisite personal aroma to empower you to step into your inner wizard.  Truly exotic ingredients including: Blue Lotus, Night-Blooming Jasmine, Champaca, Sandalwood & Tobacco infused into Organic Honey Mead Spirits. Essence of Wizard is a novel dance into the world of botanicals with an aroma profile of heavenly floral hues, mysterious earth tones which invoke a warm and sensual feeling. One spray on the wrist can be applied around the neck, body for hours of enjoyment.

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