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Aqua De Flores


Aqua De Flores (Florida Water) Spray

Essential Oil Wizardry’s Aqua De Flores is inspired as an all-natural Florida Water for ceremonial purposes.  Florida Water has been used by traditional around the world to clear the energy field, cleanse & purify – Aqua De Flores is a true floral water, without any synthetic fragrances, ready to empower shamans and modern day medicine carriers alike in the most beautiful way ~

Ingredients: A Special Blend of Organic / Wildcrafted Extracts & Hydrosols of:
Cinnamon Bark
Clove Bud
Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute
Royal Sandalwood
Ylang Ylang Extra
infused in Organic Honey Spirits

Docta’s Notes

I first experienced the mass produced, Aqua De Florida in 2012 which was used in Ayahuasca ceremony to help cleanse the body, mind and prepare the spirit for cleansing and rebirth.  This spray is very popular in various medicine circles around the world, though it contains synthetic fragrance – still the smell and the ritual have been integral during many Ayahuasca circles I’ve sat with, and I’ve always had in my heart what an all-natural floral spray would embody ~

Aqua De Flores was a seed deeply planted in me during my trip to Maui in 2014, during my 3 month journey and training with my mentor Ravi Das.  The most heavenly version of an all-natural floral spray, (inspired by Aqua De Florida) was first shared with me during my travels on Maui, and the gentleman who had shared the spray with me gifted me the version of his formulation.  I literally carried this written formula for 8 years, before taking an opportunity to craft my own expression of Aqua De Florida.

Earlier this year, the spark for my own Floral Water recipe came as my mentor finally crafted his all-natural version using floral hydrosols.  His wisdom was simple, the translation of Aqua de Florida – Water of Flowers or Floral Water.  This translates to hydrosols.  My inspiration was to craft my own version using this handed down formulation of essential oils, absolutes and craft a heavenly bouquet of floral hydrosols, to combine the expression of Spirit & Water <3

Aqua De Flores was born as the most lovely expression of flowers dancing amongst a celebration of Hawaiian Sandalwood and infused into Organic Honey Spirits as a luxury flower garden in each bottle.  Aqua De Flores is amplified using our D & F crystal bowls, and amplified using in-house frequencies & technologies to create a heavenly experience in each spray.  If you love Aqua De Florida, check out Essential Oil Wizardry’s Aqua De Flores for an authentic expression of floral healing ~

Uses: Shake Well!  Simply spray 1-4 sprays of this Magick Mister around the body, face, around the auric field and hands for a botanical aided cleansing (limpia).

Suggestion:  * If you wear glasses, remove them to avoid staining glasses. *


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