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Enjoy navigating our website & connecting with our holistic vibrations.  If you are clear on which Essential Oil Product or Wizard Alchemy Blend you wish to purchase: simply type the product name into the search bar (magnifying glass icon) in the purple bar, and click on the desired item to get started.

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Essential Oil Wizardry’s collection of organic / wildcrafted essential oil products.  We truly have products to support all people & age-ranges.

Our Most Popular Product categories include: Best Sellers, Package Sets, Custom Blends.

Other EOW Product Categories include:  New Releases, Essential Oils, CO2 Extracts, Rare & Exotics, Absolute Extracts, Ultrasonic Tinctures, Hydrosols, Wizard Alchemy Blends, Exquisite Perfumes, Therapeutic Formulas, Divine-Align: Chakra Set, Botanical Perfumes, Essential Oil Tinctures, Oral Care, Magick Misters, Skin Care, Kava Kava & Accessories.

About US

Learn about our Ethos and Values! Discover about our sourcing perspectives and community building ~
How do we continue to uplevel and continually evolve our production protocols?  What makes EOW products unique? 
Listen to some videos about our vision(s) currently in action as a result from years of our community’s support.


Essential Oil Wizardry’s artistic expression ~ literary works from our community.  Our writers include Dr. Nick, EOW Team Members & Botanical Ambassadors around the world. If you are inspired by our products through any of our Blog articles, you may support our writers by clicking their included affiliate link. Our writers will be directly rewarded with a commission of any purchases you make from our website. This is a way to directly reward our community for inspiring & educating you!

Do you wish to contribute some writing? Email [email protected] and share with us your intention & vision.


Tune into our vault of FREE Podcasts that our founder Dr. Nick Berry has been interviewed on over the years.  Whether you are new to the world of essential oils or are ready to uplevel your botanical mastery.  Our podcasts interviews are a precious resource to dive deeper into the world of plants, essential oils & botanical extracts through Dr. Nick’s unique perspective. 

Our Holistic Pharmacist, Dr. Nick Berry has been featured on the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast, Living 4D With Paul Chek, Wellness Force Radio, Way of Healing Podcast, Revive Yourself, Matt Belair Mind, Body & Spirit Podcast to name a few. 

Join the tribe

Join our Exclusive Alchemy Tribe to further your learning, receive unique handcrafted artisan products produced in very small batches for our members.  Each month, receive an Alchemy Tribe Package straight to your doorstep with recommendations about usage and explore the uncommon. We have 3 tiers to explore, packages include a combination of: Wizard Alchemy Blends, Pure Essential Oils, Essential Oil or Ultrasonic Extracted Tinctures, Exquisite Botanical Perfumes. Late 2020, we introduced a year-long membership without shipments to get involved with our community!

As a Alchemy Tribe Member, you have access to our Members page with exclusive content (behind the scenes at lab, lifestyle, private trainings, videos, writing & photography) and invitations to join for live video Q & A’s with Dr. Nick (launching soon (Mar – June 2020).  You’ll also have direct email access to Dr. Nick for questions you might have that you cannot find answers for.

Joining Our Tribe you are supporting and furthering our work with the plants. We are very grateful for your loving support!


EOW provides exciting ways to get involved in your local community by sharing our botanical extracts and essential oil products.  We innerstand that the multi-level marketing approach can create feelings of discomfort for some people ~ we choose to incentivize sharing our oils without creating monthly purchase requirements to get involved or stay involved. 

We have setup three pathways to get involved with Essential Oil Wizardry to Share as a Botanical Ambassador.
1) Sign Up for our Affiliate Program and Share EOW Products online
2) Become a Local Botanical Ambassador and Share with your community
3) Empower local Shops or Botanical Influencers to stock and distribute our products at a wholesale rate

At Essential Oil Wizardry we love ease, flow and grace and have done our best to provide inclusive opportunities that allow for colLABoration.  We choose to meet YOU in your authentic excitement to share EOW with your friends & family!


Contact our Essential Oil Wizardry team. Includes email, business line & our location.
Be free to write us your questions here!

Members Portal

Private Membership portal where we offer a Members Only store (small-scale artisan extractions available only to Alchemy Tribe members) and feature exclusive content to be expanded greatly during 2020.  Our member’s only section features exclusive content (behind the scenes at lab, lifestyle, private trainings, videos, writing, art, poems & photography). We will also store live video Q & A’s with Dr. Nick (launching Mar – June 2020) for access at your convenience.

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