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Enjoy navigating our website and feel our vibrations. If you are new to our website or want to get a better feel for HOW to best navigate, check out these tips! If you are clear on the pure essential oil OR Wizard Alchemy Blend you wish to purchase, simply type it into the search bar (magnifying glass icon) at the top, press enter and click on the desired item to get started. In-JOY the journey!

About Us

Learn about our Ethos! Listen to some videos about our vision(s) that have been culminating from the years of your support.

Custom Blends

Learn More About Our Custom Blends and Select the Ideal Option for you or your brand. From single bottles to commercial-scale production, Essential Oil Wizardry can provide the custom formulations you are looking for. We specialize in therapeutic formulas & exquisite botanical perfumes! Looking to formulate a targeted product for your brand or offering that you can provide to your audience? We are excited to help your company increase it’s reach! Check out our luxury options for romantic partner blending retreats at the Wizard’s Lab in Ashland, Oregon.

4-12 weeks is the estimated incubation for our customized blending service!


Contact our Essential Oil Wizardry team. Includes email, business line & our general location.
Be free to write us your questions here!


Check under this menu to select / learn about specific extracts and essential oil products!

Essential Oils

Includes listing by first letter (A – FG – OP – Z), Extraction Method (Absolutes, CO2 Extracts), Rare & Exotics (includes Ambergris Tincture, Blue Lotus, Jasmine, Agarwood (Oud), Pink Lotus, Rose, Tuberose), Anointing Blends (Rare & Exotic extracts infused into carrier oil enhanced with ORMUS)

Anointing Blends are produced because we can take limited supply, precious Rare & Exotic extracts and increase the reach of these powerful extracts. Infused into carrier oil & ORMUS, these are still quite powerful, can reach more people around the globe and have a lower cost to YOU!

Wizard Alchemy

Includes all of our formulated products from the essential oils we source.

Botanical Perfumes (classic aromatic treasures), Divine-Align: Chakra Set (Essential kit for healers, yoga teachers and other esoteric practitioners), Exquisite Botanical Perfumes (Boutique Perfumes infused with rare/exotic extracts and Organic Craft Spirits as the base), Magick Misters (environmental mood enhancers, spray mist bottles), Therapeutics (highly functional natural lifestyle solutions that really uplevel your life), Tinctures (potent essential oil enhanced tinctures or MCT infusions with applications ranging from social enhancements, therapeutic purposes, memorable flavor experiences and energetic cleansing), Oral Care & Skin Care (self-explanatory).

New Releases

These are the latest products formulated or sourced by Essential Oil Wizardry. Includes our in-house produced Ultrasonic Extracts. May include popular products with higher demand!


Whether you are new to the world of essential oils or if you are intrigued to learn more, tune into a list of podcasts that our founder Dr. Nick Berry has been interviewed on over the years.  From the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast to the Matt Belair Mind, Body & Spirit Podcast, listen in to receive a passionate download of botanical wonder!


Essential Oil Wizardry provides exciting ways to get involved in your local community, sharing our botanical extracts and essential oil products.  We innerstand that the multi-level marketing approach can create feelings of discomfort for some people so we chose to incentivize without creating any minimum monthly requirements to get involved or stay involved. 

We have setup three pathways to get involved with Essential Oil Wizardry to Share as a Botanical Ambassador
1) Sign Up for our Affiliate Program
2) Become a Local Botanical Ambassador!
3) Empower local Shops & Botanical Influencers to stock and distribute our products at a wholesale rate.

At Essential Oil Wizardry we love ease, flow and grace and have done our best to provide inclusive opportunities that allow for colLABoration which meet YOU in your authentic excitement to share EOW with your friends and family!

CBD Products

Targeted Hemp Oil formulations to support your lifestyle that are produced using Organic CO2 Extracted hemp oil. Our hemp oil has been molecularly distilled to produce a ZERO THC hemp oil while still providing a full spectrum extract (minus THC). Very popular and powerful!

Kava Kava

Targeted Kava Kava formulations for relaxation, stress & euphoria as an alcohol substitute. Not suggested for everyday use!

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