How we Created our First Ever Merch, with WizardPins

Written by Ellen Bird | Oct. 21, 2020

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wizard pins

Starting out our essential oil business in the realm of festivals, colorful lapel pins have always been something that followed us around everywhere we’d vend. Brand-promoting, fun, creative, psychedelic, or otherwise, pins have always been a great way to support your favorite vendors and artists, and rock a specialized emblem of their creation. If you’ve been to a few festivals in your days, how many hours have you spent sitting down with different artists and viewing their newest pin offerings? I know for myself it’s definitely been a few.

What’s so cool about WizardPins, is well, they’re wizards at what they do too. (Like I said, companies don’t choose to have the word ‘wizard’ in their name for no reason…) We found that the crew at WizardPins can turn any design you could ever imagine into a pin. You can send them your exact design, logo  or work of art and they can form it into a sturdy lapel pin, in a number of sizes, and with some ultra cool finishings from colorful soft enamel to sterling silver. Basically, if you’re looking to get pins for your own branding, you needn’t look any further.


It’s funny that as we’ve been winding down more and more from the festival scene we are just now able to show off our Essential Oil Wizardry pins, but we believe in divine timing, and so friends and family ~ gather round ~ our first ever pins are here! And for real, we couldn’t have done it as easily, affordably, and with more integrity than we have with our new friends at WizardPins.Com. Check them out! And if you want to “support local” choose the option to get your pins printer in the USA. Also, they offer rush shipping, which enables you to get pins delivered within 2-4 days if you’re in a pinch! Now that’s some wizardry right there.

For real, working with WizardPins has made getting our first ever Essential Oil Wizardry pins a total joy! They were generous, responsive, design masters, and it seems they have a level of integrity as a business which feels important to us as conscious entrepreneurs ourselves. We will share our business with them again, and we hope that you check out their website as well to see what they’re doing!

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