Would you love to join this vision gifted to the evolution for the collective? We are calling for 1,111 people to contribute $111 or more to help us see this the initial phases of this project come to life? Can you imagine a conscious business entity aligning science, nature and community to advance creativity in the field of botanical extracts? Less than 5% of plants on the planet have been well-studied for their medicinal qualities – join our movement to explore the mysteries of our plant allies!

We are taking this dream to an international community at Oregon Eclipse Festival 2017 ~ the very community that has helped to birth and nurture my passion for essential oils since 2012. Feeling opti-mystic about the fun-folding of our project and remaining open to miracles, our team has prepped over 4,000 bottles to share in this gathering of over 50,000 people. May our prayers for a next-generation cultivation site, extraction facility and hub for transformation be birthed.

Thank you for sharing this dream with me and spreading this intention with your friends! Social media shares are appreciated <3

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