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Ultrasonic Mugwort Tincture

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Ultrasonic Mugwort Tincture (Artemisia vulgaris)

Ingredients – Ultrasonic Extracted Mugwort Concentrate infused into Organic Craft Lychee Spirits

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) is a unique herb that carries a beautiful earthy, musky and intoxicating sweet aroma, historically touted for its dream-enhancing and sedative properties - Our Ultrasonic Mugwort Tincture is produced by Essential Oil Wizardry using restructured water & ultrasonic extraction using wildharvested Mugwort sourced from Ashland, Oregon.

  • Anti-spasmodic
  • Diaphoretic
  • Diuretic
  • Dream Enhancement
  • Emmenagogue
  • Euphoriant
  • Stimulant / Sedative
  • Vermifuge

Docta’s Notes

Our first commercially available Ultrasonic Extract produced by the Essential Oil Wizardry team.  We are VERY pleased with the results of our first 1 kg run of plant material in Ashland, Oregon.  Using locally harvested Mugwort from our friends garden, restructured water as the solvent, Essential Oil Wizardry has produced a beautiful Mugwort extract infused into Organic Craft Lychee Spirits to produce a ultra-powerful tincture formulation.  This Ultrasonic Mugwort Tincture is our Mugwort product mentioned by Ben Greenfield in one of his newsletters, and during one of his podcasts on Magnesium with Thomas Delauer that he enjoys using for lucid dreaming.

To be clear this is a highly experimental, super concentrated product that is not intended for everyone.  Our Ultrasonic Extraction Technology pulls a wide array of water-soluble alkaloids and constituents from the Mugwort plant material.  Through vacuum distillation, we are able to produce a very concentrated Mugwort extract that contains essential oils, residual water, waxes and plant alkaloids.  Mugwort contains constituents known to be neurotoxic, especially at higher concentrations.  We take this ultra-concentrated extract and dilute it with Organic Craft Lychee Spirits to produce a lovely & earthy tincture that is quite psychotropic, warming and should not be used lightly.  Essential Oil Wizardry does not suggest using this product internally - there is known toxicity to this plant.  For this product, experiment with usage on the wrists or applied into the bottom of the feet.

What I've found for my own personal experiments using this product internally, 1-3 drops under the tongue seems to be my sweet spot.  I've found that 4-5 drops is probably the highest amount anyone should consider experimenting with where I would describe a higher bliss threshold comes-on ~ life feels a little bit more dreamy.  Between 5 - 10 drops is a questionable zone comparing therapeutic effects / concerning toxicity.  At ~10-20 drops, I found a dehydrating effect and I felt "icky", definitely my physiology felt taxed and some toxic effects were notable.  I would not consume this daily, but feel comfortable with up-to 3-5x/week personally ~ taken during the day adds a "sparkle" to my visual perception and probably should not be combined with driving or other highly concentrated motor operations.  Personally I enjoy this one later or before bedtime - again, this product may be too powerful for some people.  Only consider using this product internally if your body is healthy, and you accept potential risks / side effects to your body.

How to Use

  • Due to the nature of Mugwort and its conventional classification as neurotoxic, we cannot suggest Ultrasonic Mugwort Tincture ingestion.  You are empowered to do your own research and experiment as you choose!
  • Apply to the bottom of the feet or to the wrists before going to sleep to aid with clairvoyant dreams.
  • If you choose to use this tincture internally, please do so at your own risk!  You can look to Dr. Nick's personal experience above; each person's physiology is different and what your acceptable threshold for therapeutic effects vs. toxicity may be different. Listen to your body 🙂

Safety Summary

This oil is considered to be toxic, irritant, neurotoxic, and abortifacient. In common language, Mugwort is considered poisonous, causes irritations, and has narcotic effects on the brain and the nervous system.  Mugwort MAY cause abortions - It should NEVER be used during pregnancy.  If you have any existing medical diseases, this product is not the best to experiment with.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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