Palo Santo Oil (Bursera graveolens)

Palo Santo translates to Sacred Wood and is used in various ceremonies and revered by shamans for purposes of cleansing, clearing negative energies or detoxifying.

- Anti-tumor (high limonene %)
- Anti-microbial (highly)
- Anti-inflammatory
- Clearing Negative Energies
- Grounding
- Immunostimulant
- Meditation Aid
- Sedative

Dr. Nick Notes

Palo Santo provides a high vibration oil, a seemingly precious concentrate from the dried wood essence which is typically lit to release it's cleansing fragrance. Vaporizing Palo Santo oil brings a clarity into the mind's eye, relaxing the system with a cool overindulgence of sweet flavor. Heating the oil softens an area and prepares participants for ceremony.

The fragrance of the Palo Santo wood comes from the inside out - when the tree dies, the fragrance from the wood shifts into a sweet, radiant concentrated scent over about two years. As the dead wood ages, the fragrance matures - real Palo Santo must naturally die and age to release its highest form of fragrance. With increased age since a tree's passing, the quality improves (ie. 2-10 years).

Nature really knows how to provide her own essence best!

How to Use

Palo Santo vaporized is a sweet, Earthy dream leading into a calm meditative space. Applied topically NEAT (with care, may cause negative reaction) or 1:1 in carrier oil over third eye or heart can ground body and relax the system.

Origin: Ecuador
Terpenes (highest to low): Limonene, a-Terpineol, Menthofuran, Carvone, Germacrene D, y-Muurolene, trans-Carveol, Pulegone

~ Be Blessed ~


GC/MS Terpene Analysis from http://www.ecuadorianhands.com/-i-35.html. Accessed 3/5/13.

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