Essential Oil Vape (Essential VAAAPP) Package

Our Eco Essential Oils Vape Package comes complete with:

  • 1 Essential VAAAPP Vape (Color Variable)
  • 6 Glass Vials
  • 3-4 Pure Essential Oils / Vapor Oils – Hand selected by the Docta himself!

The Essential VAAAPP is an old-school original vaporizer device, we are still in contact with one of the original founders who continues to place small batch orders using with his original design – Our Essential Oil Vape device is a highly effective device for vaporizing essential oils and powders.  This device is less effective for vaporization of loose plant material. This was the first device (and still my favorite 10+ years later, even with it’s design limitations) I investigated vaporize pure essential oils.  This Essential Oil Vape offers credibly smooth inhalations, full of rich flavor and potent effects when vaporizing essential oils – one drop of oil easily provides for 10-20 inhalations with appropriate technique.

Benefits: Inexpensive, great for manually vaporizing essential oils and concentrations. Portable, easy to use. Very versatile contraption and easy to clean (soak in rubbing alcohol and/or sea salt).
Drawbacks: Better alternatives for vaporizing raw plant material – Will likely suck through / inhale raw plant material.  Clean or replace vials after usage. Cannot verify specific heating temperature through manual heating process.

Some of Dr. Nick’s favorite pure essential oils to vaporize include:

Blue Lotus Absolute
Cardamom (CO2)
Cedar Atlas
Coffee (CO2)
Silver Fir
Galbanum (CO2)
Geranium, Rose
Frankincense Sacra
Litsea Cubeba
Mandarin, Red
Myrrh (CO2)
Blood Orange
Palo Santo
Patchouli (Euphoric!)
Black Pepper (Euphoric)
Pink Pepper (Quite Euphoric)
Peppermint (Very Potent)
Royal Sandalwood
Clary Sage
Black Spruce
Ylang Ylang Extra


Citrus Blast
Hydration Martini
Prabhupad Immune

Warning: Not compatible for use with any tincture containing alcohol (Not for use with any Essential Oil Tinctures OR Ultrasonic Tinctures).  Vaporizing tinctures may cause short-long term damage to the lungs!

Last Updated Nov 30, 2019

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Vaporizer Package (3-4 oils), Vaporizer Only, Vaporizer + 1g Blue Lotus Absolute


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