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Deep Woman

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~ Mature With Elegance ~

Deep Woman ~ Regal earthy tones resonating citrus, roots, mint and wood, smooth and vitalizing with notes of spice and soft floral hues expressing maturity & balance.

Organic Angelica Root, CO2 Extracted (Poland)
Organic Cananga (Indonesia)
Organic Ginger (Indonesia)
Organic Lemon (S. Africa)
Wildcrafted Nagarmotha (India)
Organic Spearmint (Morocco)
Wildcrafted Virginia Cedarwood (USA)
Wildcrafted Blue Yarrow (Greece | Bulgarian S. Africa)

Infused into Organic Honey Spirits (Exquisite Botanical Perfume)

Deep Woman

Docta's Notes: Deep Woman is a collaborative challenge between me and Alicia to co-create an Exquisite Botanical Perfume for women using the powerful Virginian Cedar, producing a beautiful & elegant result. From my limited observation the woman is a powerful teacher that becomes more wise, balanced and resourceful from her age/experience of presence.

Deep Woman is a reflection of this potency, a complex blend that dances between many characters through fine expression and offers an exotic leather note that shares different hues with closer inspection. Angelica, Nagarmotha, Ginger & Virginian Cedarwood all play together for an exhaulted spicy base note that is smoothed by the Blue Yarrow. Cananga. Lemon, Spearmint sweeten, uplift and refresh the blend to express a very shapely yet concise expression of a mature and stunning potent woman.

Deep Woman is very special – inspired for women yet wonderful as a uni-sex botanical perfume. This one sits very well on my skin with my pheromones and is quite suited for all types of feminine tastes in regal botanical perfumes. Are you a DEEP Woman?

Uses: Exquisite Botanical Perfume – Apply to the wrist points and around the neck. Wonderful applied to the chest and around the thighs for a heightening of the experience during love-making ~ this one really brings out the pheromones.

~ Co-Created with Alicia Mai ~

Last Updated Sept 18, 2023.

3 reviews for Deep Woman

  1. Mikael Henriksson

    Mikael Henriksson (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    ngLagos, Nigeria

    I bought this one for my wife who is a deep woman. I looooove the smell of this one!

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  2. Bianca (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    auVictoria, Australia

    Deep Woman is a deep sensory experience, calming but intense aroma. A beautiful blend.

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  3. DB

    Nothing reaches deeply into the soul the way Deep Woman does. It removes all that is confounding and resets everything back to balance.

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