WildFly – Inspired by Firefly Gathering


Alligator Juniper Wood
Arizona Juniper
Pinion Pine
Pinion Pine Cone
Ponderosa Pine
Sage Brush
Sand Sage, Wildcrafted from Arizona/Utah
Caraway (CO2)
Cedar Atlas
Grapefruit Essence
Juniper Berries (CO2)
Lime (Distilled)
Silver Fir
White Sage

infused in Fractionated Coconut Oil

Docta’s Notes: This blend of 19 essential oils crafts the wild vortex of the deserts and delights the infinite passion of the moment. The alchemical process invested three layers to be blended in divine ratios to produce a bouquet highlighting the energy of Firefly festival. Clear, deep and present as the amber sunlit sky, Wild~Fly reaches into the heart of humanity to explore the essence from the desert's perspective. Reflecting a sense of community, celebration and truth, Wild~Fly is present to create radiant truth and imprint heart frequencies. Representing a reminder, Wild~Fly teaches us all things are wild and ephemeral - Stay in the present moment as all times & experiences are truly gifts.


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