Vote for Love Integration Care-Package



~Trump the Elections~

Are you feeling down and out from the election results? Are you questioning… well everything?! Well shit, that sucks, and we want to help you get out of your blues (well red I guess we can say this time). Essential Oil Wizardry is now offering you our brand new Vote for Love & Trump the Elections Integration Care-Package. This package includes:

  • Root Chakra EO-15mL = $40
  • Prosperity EO-10mL = $40
  • Kava Chill Tincture -1 oz = $20
  • Positive Transmission Tincture -1/2 oz= $25
  • Psychic Protection Tincture -1/2 oz= $25

Retail value of $150, but this package is coming to you with a 33% discount for a total of $99!!

Alright, so let’s discuss why we chose these oils. First and foremost, Root Chakra EO is going to help us ground all of these strange energies and let us return to a sense of self. Then, we got Prosperity EO to help reconnect with whom you are – to energize your solar plexus chakra and stand confidently in your own power. Next, Kava Chill is going to let you take a deep breathe and let all that shit go. Just relax, all is going to be okay, and so will you!! Next, a little positive transmission tincture… why? I think you know why! Everyone needs some positive transmission today and it’ll be great to share with your friends . Last but not least, Psychic Protection Tincture to help deal with all of the craziness out there. Take 1-3 drops sublingually to cut through the negative energies and cords that you may come into contact with while venturing out in the world.

WE LOVE YOU! Stay safe out there. All will be wonderful, pura vida


The Essential Oil Wizardry Team

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