Vanilla planifolia

Indonesian Vanilla

Douglas Stewart’s Premier Zero-Residue Solvent Extracted Vanilla, Douglas last run using the ultrasonic extraction machine from organic vanilla beans from Indonesia.  Douglas co-developed an ultrasonic extraction device to produce a superior quality product extracting higher yields from plant material.  The ultrasonic device uses ultrasonic waves to breakdown the cell walls and vibrate the essence out from the plant material.  A purification/removal process using low temperatures, pressures and rotation is then used to remove the water or solvent from the essential oil or absolute extracted product.

Our ultrasonic extracts are superior to traditional essential oils and these are to be considered limited edition, high potency and for the botanical enthusiasts / essential oil collectors!

This product is ready for dispersion and we have less than 1 ounce available to be distributed. VERY Limited SUPPLY!

100% of the profits will be donated to Douglas Stewart’s medical / living expenses. 

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1 Gram


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