Rosmarinus officinalis (Tunisia / Morocco / S. Africa)

“Sun” herb describes its bright properties: enlivens the mind and uplifts mood while stimulating digestion & hydrating the body; a multi-faceted medicine to keep on hand!

– Analgesic (minor)
– Astringent
– Bronchitis

– Carminative
– Digestive Aid
– Improve Cognition Function
– Local Anesthetic (Mild)
– Mood Enhancer

Respiratory Aid
– Skin Tonic
Stimulates Circulation

Dr. Nick Notes

Rosemary is one herb which has spoken to me since my youth with a bush growing right outfront from my mother's home. During my alchemical studies with Paul & Micah, creators of “Al-Kemi” Spagyrics we did extensive work with multiple layers of rosemary extractions and I found the therapeutic properties to be quite pronounced.

Appreciated for its internal & external properties, rosemary is one oil I use frequently. Stimulates the mood, clarifies the mind, promotes digestion and eliminates flatulence. Vaporized internally, the lungs open, freshen and mind becomes calm and clear. Some individuals with asthma have reported increased ease in their breathing patterns from vaporizing rosemary. Rosemary oil may be mixed into water/alcohol solution and become an uplifting environmental disinfectant.

Infused into water or drinks at 1-2 drops/8-16 ounces is a refreshing drink which feels highly hydrating.

One drop of oil rubbed into the temples may have abortive qualities for common headaches. Great for stimulating circulation as a rubifacent and a great additive to oral care products for its anti-microbial properties and light stimulating tingling. Incredible with some cedar & peppermint essential oils in a bath for a clarifying and relaxing experience. Rosemary oil may work as a toner and reduce acne breakout while stimulating the health of the skin – try diluting in water/witch hazel.

Rosemary oil carries cooling tonic effects and diluted in carrier oil can provide a moisturizing scrub or wash to the face with an enlivening tingle. Apply to sore muscles or stiff joints with the same oil for some possible relief.

Rosemary oil can stimulate hair follicles. One small clinical study used thyme lavender and cedar in conjunction with rosemary for the treatment and found improved hair growth by 44% after seven months. (Hay et al.)

Science points to the therapeutic opportunities from Rosemary oil – Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology published an article about a small open label study suggesting that rosemary can boost cognitive performance (memory, focus/concentration) with its elevated levels of 1,8-cineole in March 2012. Students may find a benefit by breathing in this oil during before studying or during a test 🙂

Rosemary anyone?

How to Use

Infuse 1-2 drops in 16 ounces of water or carbonated water for a hydrating drink. Add to a carrier oil (up to 15 drops/ounce) for a massage oil to sore joints, muscles. Rub diluted oil onto chest for respiratory challenges or onto stomach in clockwise direction with massage during digestive issues. Use this oil to stimulate circulation as well. Excellent vaporized at low temperatures, irritating at higher temperatures.

Inhale in mornings to increase awareness and stimulate mood. Add 3 drops in a bath with 1 drop peppermint and two drops cedar. Massage into the stomach for nausea using 3 drops rosemary in one tablespoon of coconut oil. Great emotionally neutral essence (most people like or don't mind) to diffuse in public areas.

Apply one drop “neat” to temples during headache for potential immediate aborting of headache.


Rosemary verbenone not recommended for usage in pregnancy (potential abortifacient) or in individuals who have history of seizure disorder. Avoid use in severe hypertension. Skin patch test to assure compatibility with your skin sensitivity. Don't combine with homeopathics as they may lose effectiveness. Do not use on infants/young children.

~ Be Blessed ~

Scent: Herbaceous, uplifting, tanalizing. Fresh branches of rosemary foresty spice.
Blends Well With: Black Pepper, Bitter Orange, Black Pine, Blood Orange, Cedar Atlas, Elemi, Fennel, Geranium, Helichrysum, Lavender, Nutmeg, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Sweet Marjoram, Thyme

Cultivation: Organic
Origin: Tunisia / Morocco / S. Africa
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled OR CO2 Extracted

Terpenes: 1,8 cineole, verbenone, d-camphor, alpha-pinene

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.


Hay, I.C., Jamieson, M., & Ormerod, A.D. (1998). Randomized trial of aromatherapy. Successful treatment for Alopecia areata. Arch Dermatology., 134:1349-52

Additional information


15 mL

Product Type

Rosemary Cineole, Rosemary Verbenone, Rosemary Cineole (CO2)

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