Quantum Sunlight Tinctures


Quantum Sunlight Tinctures

Wingate Paine developed a unique quality of tincture that is unprecedented on the market, which he first shared with me in 2016.  When I first explored these consciousness-altering Quantum Sunlight Tinctures, I found myself in regular relationship with them for several years.  The ingredients for each tincture have always been solely Organic Cane Alcohol, Trace Minerals amplified by Sunlight, Numeric Codes, energy work and his intent.  Each Quantum Sunlight Tincture is mind-boggling unique, which struck me immediately as a paradigm shift ~ once again, each Quantum Sunlight Tincture is produced with the same physical materials.  From my experience, each of the novel tinctures offered its own special signature, with the strength variance ranging between subtle & profound psychotropic effects.  Some Quantum Sunlight Tinctures (ie. Sunshine, Sandy Beaches, Next Level) I found to be mind-altering and active for 4-6+ hours. In my earlier days, I experimented quite a bit with the dosing of these and found myself on some very wild exploratory journeys using Win's psychotropic, vibrationally imprinted Quantum Sunlight Tinctures.

Win has continued to fine-tune the strength of his tinctures (ie. Ethanol potency) and continues to listen to his intuition about which formulations are most ideal and supportive to his community... and the world at large.  Through the years of trial and exploration (which I happily aided Win with sharing his novel creation with thousands of people) Win has developed more appropriate standard usage suggestions to his offering.  Time and deep reflection has really brought a great balance of potency / subtlety and balances efficacy with safety.  His creations seem to innately hold a higher intelligence to give a person what they need (not always what they want).  I've witnessed people use the tinctures in an abusive way (ie. "to get loaded") and be wildly disappointed to offer no altering experience.

Win generously offers our community an 11% Discount using coupon code "doctaapproved" at checkout from his shop.

From Dr. Nick's Personal Experience:  Not everyone experiences physical, emotional or psychological changes from these Quantum Sunlight Tinctures.  Maybe from my experience sharing these products with thousands of people, I'd estimate about 65-75%+ of individuals have a notable experience.  With those that experience them, I'd estimate 80-90% positive, 5-10% neutral, <3-5% negative. Over the years, a very few of Win's creations have little-no noticeable effect on me.  On some occasions, when I normally have a notable experience with a particular tincture, I have a much more subtle experience another time.  This can intensify on a following experience - there is a level of higher intelligence and the QSTs display varying predictability.

I have enjoyed Win's Quantum Sunlight Tinctures so much during a time in my life when I grown out of interest in powerful psychedelic experiences.  These products seem to provide an energetic frequency of powerful entheogenic substances without any potential physical toxicity on the body, a gentle and more clear psychotropic experience, and much less of a hangover reaction (no physical metabolites to process).  During my deep dive into the Quantum Sunlight Tinctures, I distributed a collection of well over a thousand bottles throughout the community for about 3 years as his primary distributor, people were quite intrigued and very often impressed that they experienced anything at all!

These QST are very powerful tinctures for those who are interested in exploring consciousness legally and I STRONGLY suggest to consciously imbibe them, if you choose to use them at all.  The Quantum Sunlight Tinctures can challenge the psyche and appropriate set, setting & intention apply for optimum usage of these products.  Quantum Sunlight Tinctures are not for everyone, I've received a handful of stories over the years where people had very uncomfortable (manageable) experiences.  Many times these "negative" experiences may have been associated with high inappropriate / experimental dosing, irresponsible drug synergies, or with Win's "Pure Ethanol" QST which have been discontinued (mostly due to this reason).  Perhaps in some I could fathom a lack of intent.  Over the years I have surely evolved using these products, and have received a vast net of beneficial feedback from regular customers during my active distribution.

I personally am grateful for Win's integrity with how he engages his consciousness as he crafts his products, genius and big heart. If you choose to explore these products, do so consciously - they are powerful and you must consider the risk of exploring the depths of your consciousness!

Remember: Win has offered an 11% Discount to our community using coupon code "doctaapproved" at checkout from his shop.

My favorite Quantum Sunlight Tinctures over the years include:

  • Soma
  • Next Level
  • Bliss Package
  • Trinity 
  • Rain Dance
  • Tom & Jerry (Do not combine with caffeine!)

Ingredients: Organic Cane Alcohol, Trace Minerals, Sunlight, Love

Wise Explorations & Cautions:  I've noticed that when using these tinctures daily, most notably with very high / experimental dosages, sometimes the effects can last for many hours - day(s).  Tom & Jerry is quite energizing and I've had difficulty sleeping if combined with even very low dosages of caffeine.  During my exploration, Win offered a product exponentially more concentrated to me: I had experimented with the dose well above a common recommended dosage and my experiences ranged from profoundly powerful / beautiful to dark / strange.

These Quantum Sunlight Tinctures must be respected as a sacrament and I assure you, these QST are not appropriate for all!

<3 Dr. Nick

Win's Self Published Concept Paper

Wingate's Method of Production?

Utilizing codes (numbers) of information, forms of intention, reiki and sunlight, Wingate produced his own unique method that he describes as similar to radionics without the use of physical technology.  Win describes our Sun holds an immense spectrum of light & information; by combining these numerical patterns through his novel imprinting technique, he permanently informs Organic Ethanol to hold the charge / information from the sunlight into these novel, unique and extremely curious products.

Last Updated 4/26/2020


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