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Leela Quantum Tech 

~ Clinically researched developer of powerful Quantum Technology to enhance the quality of your environment, foods, beverages, oils, supplements ~

Dr. Nick’s Notes

2022 has yielded a potent exploration into Leela’s Quantum Technology line of Quantum Energy products.  LeelaQ Tech seems to de-mystify Quantum Energy and has third-party scientifically validated the use of their products for many applications.  You have to read their website to discover all of their amazing applications!  For some creative examples, you can program your clothing with your favorite supplements, energize your food with nutritional supplements, enhance your water with monoatomic gold.

Leela Quantum Technology has made available three Quantum Bloc’s (Travel / Quantum / Infinity) which creates a coherent field within a substantial distance of the device and can program and enhance the quantum energy with anything you input into the device.  The applications are truly endless and I’d suggest to read or watch some of LeelaQ’s videos on their website to get an idea for how infinitely the applications express themselves.

I’ve enjoyed utilizing the Quantum Coasters to protect our tables from hot beverages and enhance people’s beverages during parties at the Enchanted Dome.  The Quantum Capsules are a great item to start exploring the effects of quantum energy on your body.  I own many energy devices in the form of jewelry, and the Men’s Booster Capsule frequently makes it’s way onto my body daily.  When I first got LeelaQ’s Men’s Booster Capsule, I noticed a palpable enhancement of vitality, strength, desire, reminiscent of an energetic boost of Testosterone.  I can’t recommend this specific item enough for men, and there is a powerful capsule available for everyone!

One of my other favorite items from Leela Quantum Tech is the Leela Quantum Frequency Cards ~ There are over 20 different metallic cards programmed with specific frequency sets or supplements to help achieve certain goals.  These cards can be placed in your pocket or used to charge your water or foods on a daily basis.  To experience them is quite potent and some of my favorite Frequency Cards include: Men’s Booster, Primal H.E.A.L. Water Frequency, Nutritional Biobase, Testosterone, DNA & Cell Protector, Forever Young & Free Your Mind.

Ready to explore for yourself?  There’s quite a vortex of mind-expanding content and possibilities: Learn more and purchase Quantum Energy Technology at LeelaQ’s Website.

Last Updated November 9, 2022.

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