Kava Nectar




~ Golden Sleep Nectar ~

Ingredients: Kava Kava (CO2), Raw Honey, Proprietary Essential Oil “Sleep” Blend infused into Fractionated Coconut Oil

Docta’s Notes: Latest Kava product formulated. Designed to balance between potency & flavor – portable, fun to share and really tasty! Inspired by Olly, owner of Kotuku Elixirs.

** Our supplier for CO2 extracted Kava Kava will be unable to provide more Kava extract due to great increase in cost of raw product ~ We are looking for new high quality sources of aged raw Noble Kava root / CO2 Extracted Kava Kava. Product is extremely limited and price has been increased with this shortage in supply. This product will likely be discontinued at least temporarily and we apologize for the inconvenience! **

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1 oz Nectar, 2 oz Nectar, 4 oz Nectar




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