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Jasmine Super Blend

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Jasmine Super Blend

~ Magickally Jasmine ~

Ingredients: Jasmine Auriculatum Absolute (India), Jasmine Flexile Absolute (India), Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute (Sri-Lanka), Jasmine Sambac Absolute (Egypt) PURE OR Infused in ORMUS Enhanced Fractionated Coconut Oil (Anointing Oil).

Get ready for a very special celebration of Jasmine!  Jasmine Super is a limited-time synergy of 4 species of Jasmine flowers producing a decadent full-spectrum expression of Jasmine.  Thanks to our recent collection procured from Will Lapaz of The Perfect Essence, very rare & exotic Indian Jasmines from a 2014 Vintage were combined with our phenomenal commonly stocked Jasmine Grandiflorum (day-blooming) & Jasmine Sambac (night-blooming) “Jasmine Super” is born, initially offered as September 2020’s Jasmine Perfume which for the first time brought together the various expressions of Jasmine species ~ Deep, sultry, uplifting while calming to the nervous system and uplifting to the mood. Jasmine Super is simply intoxicating!

Take a wild walk through the forest of many climates to breathe in the well-balanced complexity of Jasmine Super. Bright floral ribbons dance in the wind as deep caramelized sulphuric microhues express a radiant intelligence of sheer beauty. Experience Jasmine in a more full & complete awareness than ever before, through the harmony of the varied species dancing in the garden together.  A synergy dance between Jasminum Grandiflorum (Sri-Lanka), Jasminum Sambac (India / Egypt), Jasminum Auriculatum (2014 India), Jasminum Flexile (2014 India) delivers heaven in a bottle to you <3

Very sensual, heart-opening and inviting. Praising these sacred Jasmine flowers!

Last Updated October 20, 2020.


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