Galactic Calendar



Galactic Calendar

Galactic Calendar ~ Yellow Electric Seed Year: July 26, 2021 ~ July 25, 2022

Make Every Day Magic & Help Raise the Frequency on Planet Earth by Synchronizing with Galactic Time!
This full-color wall calendar features 13 stunning Visionary Art pieces from around the globe and includes a Guidebook to easily activate your personal connection to Galactic Time cycles.

The Galactic Calendar is a multi-dimensional tool that offers a larger cosmic context for the unfolding events in our lives, as well as the world around us. This Calendar offers us a whole new relationship to Time and gives us daily inspiration and guidance to support our personal evolution and awakening. It empowers us to break free from the spell of linear time and consciously experience the magic of synchronicity.

Simply by attuning to the rhythms of these Natural time cycles, we harmonize our Body, Mind, and Spirit with the great harmony of Nature, and invite the feminine power of 13 to guide our planetary journey. More than a calendar, the Galactic Calendar is a portal of Wholistic intelligence that can help us transform our reality from the inside out!

The Galactic Calendar is produced by our friends Eden, Bob & Merlin Sky.  Merlin is one of our beloved team members and it is a privilege and an honour to share this beautiful piece of inspiring art with our community.  Bring a deeper level of the present moment and cosmic energies at hand with the Galactic Calendar!

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