Cellular Restoration




Cellular Restoration


  • Organic Black Cumin, CO2 Extracted
  • Wildcrafted Frankincense, CO2 Extracted
  • Industrial Hemp, CO2 Extracted
  • Organic Lemon,
  • Organic Lemongrass,
  • Organic Myrrh, CO2 Extracted
  • Organic Niaouli,
  • Organic Peppermint,
  • Organic Rose-Geranium,
  • Organic Thyme linalol,
  • Organic Turmeric, CO2 Extracted infused in Fractionated Coconut Oil enhanced w/ monoatomic minerals

Docta's Notes: Designed to aid immune system, stimulate healthy cells and synergized to regulate cells with rampid unhealthy growth patterns.

Contains 300mg CBD/1 oz

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150 mg, 300 mg

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