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Cellular Restore

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Cellular Restore

~ Stimulate Healthy Cells ~

Cellular Restore is potent immune-stimulating tincture (infused in MCT), cell modulation which is intended to inhibit function/survival of defunct, irregular cells.

Ingredients - 100% pure & natural essential oils/CO2 Extracts infused into Fractionated Coconut Oil enhanced with Dead Sea & Celtic Sea salts

  • Organic CO2 Extracted Black Cumin (India)
  • Wildcrafted CO2 Extracted Frankincense Serrata (India)
  • Organic Steam Distilled Lemon (S. Africa)
  • Organic Lemongrass (Sri-Lanka)
  • Organic CO2 Extracted Myrrh (Somalia)
  • Organic Niaouli (Madagascar)
  • Organic Peppermint (India)
  • Organic Rose-Geranium (S. Africa)
  • Organic Thyme linalol (France)
  • Organic CO2 Extracted Turmeric (Vietnam)

Docta's Notes:

Cellular Restore is a intuited formulation which was inspired when I first met a woman overcoming cancer. She was on chemotherapy and inquired about what might help bolster her immune system and fight off the defunct cells. This formulation was designed to modulate the effectiveness of her standard chemotherapy. A majority of the essential oils in this blend contain constituents known to have some anti-tumor properties or modulate immunity based on clinical / laboratory tests – you can learn more about essential oil constituents found inside this blend including geraniol, boswellic acids, thymol, curcuminoids, limonene at

In summary, Cellular Restore is formulated by intention to:

  • Aid immune system
  • Stimulate healthy cells
  • Attack cells with rampid unhealthy growth patterns

Potentiated by ORMUS / monoatomic minerals extracted from Dead Sea & Celtic Sea – uplifting, formula.  Can experiment with 1/4  – 1 dropperful, up to 3x/day.  Formulation is not intended for long-term, daily usage.

* This product not designed to treat or cure any disease and has not been approved by the FDA.  YOU are the healer.*

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