6 Month Alchemy Subscription




So many options, how to select your favorite essential oil products?  Now you don't have to!  Allow Dr. Nick to create a unique care package every month for unique offerings to easily flow into your life, right to your doorstep, without any effort on your part. Shipped directly to your home or selected location between the 15th – 31st of each month! You may select from our three monthly alchemy subscription options:

Monthly Alchemy Subscription Options
#1 Young Mage ($20/mo) – 1 Product
#2 Apprentice Magician ($49/mo) – 3 Products + 10% off Coupon Code
#3 Alchemical Wizard ($67/mo) – 4 Products + 15% off Coupon Code

Products Included in Memberships
– Wizard Alchemy Blend (#1 / #2 / #3)
– Essential Oil of the Month & Tincture (#2 / #3)
– Magick Mister OR Massage Oil (#3 ONLY)

This package is a pre-paid six month subscription to our Monthly Subscription Box of Essential Oils & Wizard Alchemy products. Intended to be a heartfelt artisan gift to others and provide premium quality essences to you or a your loved one's home for SIX months at a time.  Thank you for supporting the expansion of Dr. Nick's passion!

** Package WILL NOT auto-renew at conclusion of 6 month period unless you contact us otherwise! **
Price includes shipping fee ($4/mo) into the total cost. Pre-paid membership does not include unlimited coupon code.


Additional information

Monthly Alchemy Subscription

Young Mage ($20/mo), Apprentice Magician ($49/mo), Alchemical Wizard ($69/mo)

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