5G BioShield


5G BioShield


The 5GBioShield is the result of the most advanced technology currently available for balancing and prevention of the devastating effects caused by non-natural magneto-electric waves, particularly (but not limited to) 5G, for all biological life forms.

The 5GBioShield makes it possible, thanks to a uniquely applied process of quantum nano-layer technology, to balance the imbalanced electric oscillations arising from all magneto-electric fog induced by all devices such as: laptops, cordless phones, wlan, tablets, etc.

The 5GBioShield brings balance into the field at the atomic and cellular level restoring balanced effects to all harmful (ionized and non-ionized) radiation.

Read more about this device here.  Scientific literature available on technology on 5GBioShield Website.

Dr. Nick's Experience

I've had some friends have notable, life-changing experiences with this device in a palpable way.  My body / home temple / lab & technology devices seems to be grid in a particular way and I've invested in many different forms of technology to test and enhance my environment.  My personal experience with this device is subtle, I don't seem to notice any larger shifts within myself nor my environment.  I've had each of my phones / tablets repolarized so my the technology in my environment is already bioharmonic.  I've heard on a podcast a user claim that even when carrying this device on his person, that his gas mileage increased - I'm looking forward to testing this, as this can be a major benefit when traveling.

All of my usage / testing with this device has come after my personal environment feels protected and fully clear - I haven't noticed any additional, positive benefits in my environment during quarantine using the 5GBioShield in Ashland, Oregon.  This may be a very powerful device for those whom are EMF sensitive, for those whom live in a large city, for locations with many wifi signals, or for when 5G rolls out locally.  My belief is that this may be one of the best personal devices to use and travel with it's ease of use, compact design and no need for electricity (plugged into USB extends field).  The device confers 8 meter diameter, and 40 meter diameter when plugged into a USB key, and design never needs to be charged.  This seems to be a powerful device and both friends and testimonials have raved about this product, during this modern age of EMF environmental soup.

Once the quarantine of 2020 gets lifted, I believe this will be a powerful ally when I travel on the road as the signals of Next-Gen Wireless Technology (ie. 5g) continue to expand.  The 5g BioShield is currently my mobile recommendation - I intuit this will be a powerful / effective EMF support, easy to travel with at a fairly accessible price point compared to more costly items on the market.

Last Updated:  May 10, 2020.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. *

2 reviews for Ultrasonic Pau d' Arco Tincture

  1. Josh Trent

    100% magnificent! These oils save my life on the daily… 🙂

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  2. Jenny Howe

    Such a magical product! I’m on my second order as I use it daily and know I’m in safe hands! Smells divine, no sticky residue and no chemical nasties,

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  3. Wizard Nick

    Nick Wizard (store manager)

    Thanks Anais! Glad you are finding this one helpful, stay vibrant and smiley sister <3 Dr. Nick

  4. Anais

    A must have during these times !!! Love it and smells so fresh

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