What is the EOW Monthly Alchemy Subscription?


Monthly Alchemy Subscription Options
#1 Young Mage ($20/mo) – 1 Product + 10% off Coupon Code
#2 Apprentice Magician ($49/mo) – 3 Products + 10% off Coupon Code
#3 Alchemical Wizard ($77/mo) – 4 Products + 15% off Coupon Code

Products Included in Memberships
– Wizard Alchemy Blend (#1 / #2 / #3)
– Essential Oil of the Month & Tincture (#2 / #3)
– Exquisite Botanical Perfume (Exclusive to #3 Members)Β 

Additional Alchemy Club Member PERKS
10-15% Discount on Wizard Immersion Camps, EOW Playshops & Transformational Botanical Retreats
Internship – Visiting Ashland? Apply via Email with your gifts, interests & intentions, perhaps you can come share time/energy with EOW. Members receive a priority in their requests!
Priority Volunteer – Be part of the EOW Team at a Festival / Event that we participate in! Watch Social Media for future events near you πŸ™‚

Been a Member for One Year?
Schedule a FREE visit to the Lab in Ashland, Oregon! (1-2+ hr)
Join Us For an Annual Private Campout Event for Club Members at our property in Ashland, Oregon (Beginning 2019)
3-2 Admission at an EOW Event (includes Wizard Immersion Camp, EOW Playshop, Transformational Botanical Retreat)
Save 33% off any EOW Event for you OR your friends!

Been a Member for Three Years?
Attend one EOW Event as a guest (for Free!)
2-1 Admission for any EOW Event
Upgrade Your Personalized Coupon Code to 20% off ~ Email Us for Your New Requested Code


International Shipments:Β  Please select International Shipping (+$20/month) when submitting your monthly membership order or your order will be refunded.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: We trust you will be quite happy with your artisan crafted products and invite you to contact us if for any reason you are not completely thrilled.

Shipment Logistics:

  • All orders will be shipped between the 15th-31st each month
  • New Monthly Memberships received by the 10th of each month will be included in the same month shipment delivery.
  • All new memberships received between the 11th-31st of any month will receive an exciting two month package set the following month.
  • Your monthly commitment may be canceled at any point prior to monthly shipment for any reason by either party.

Coupon Code:

  • Coupon Code (CC) will be emailed separately after purchase.
  • CC is valid during active membership, for unlimited usage.
  • Please keep your code private or it may be canceled.
  • Your CC may combine with other promotions!

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Month #37 - January 2018

Wizard Alchemy – Confidence
EO of the Month – Thyme
EO Tincture – Cosmic Orgasm
Exquisite Botanical Perfume – Sacral


Month #38 – February 2018

Wizard Alchemy – Choco-NUT
EO of the Month – Clove Bud
EO Tincture – Kava Euphoria
Exquisite Botanical Perfume – Rain Dance


Month #39 – March 2018

Wizard Alchemy – Citrus Blast
EO of the Month – Sweet Basil
EO Tincture – ReSpire Tincture
Exquisite Botanical Perfume – Unity


Month #40 - April 2018

Wizard Alchemy – Night On The Town
EO of the Month – Palo Santo
EO Tincture – Hydration Martini
Exquisite Botanical Perfume – Frank, Myrrh & Gold

Month #41 – May 2018

Wizard Alchemy – Cosmic Orgasm
EO of the Month – Rosemary Verbenone
EO Tincture – Kava Chill
Exquisite Botanical Perfume – Crown

Month #42 – June 2018

Wizard Alchemy – Prabhupad Immune
EO of the Month – Calamus Root (CO2)
EO Tincture – Psychic Protection
Exquisite Botanical Perfume – Soul~Stice

Month #43 – July 2018

Wizard Alchemy – Alleviate
EO of the Month – Litsea Cubeba
EO Tincture – Throat
Exquisite Botanical Perfume – Root

Month #44 – August 2018

Wizard Alchemy – Spark!
EO of the Month – Mace
EO Tincture – Ease-Olution
Exquisite Botanical Perfume ~ Carnation Dreams

Month #45 – September 2018

Wizard Alchemy – Sensation
EO of the Month – Sweet Marjoram
EO Tincture – Pain Relief +
Exquisite Botanical Perfume – Diviner’s Eye

Month #46 – October 2018

Wizard Alchemy – Prosperity
EO of the Month – Cassia (CO2)
EO Tincture – Solar Plex Tincture
Exquisite Botanical Perfume – Avi-Cenna

Month #47 – November 2018

Wizard Alchemy – Chai Perfect
EO of the Month – Niaouli
EO Tincture – To Be Inspired
Exquisite Botanical Perfume – To Be Inspired

Month #48 – December 2018

Wizard Alchemy – Diviner’s Eye
EO of the Month – Niaouli
EO Tincture – Frank, Myrrh & Gold
Exquisite Botanical Perfume – Expansive Forest