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Essential Oils for Stress and Anxiety

Written by Ellen Bird | Sept. 21, 2020

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EOW’s Favorite Essential Oils For Stress and Anxiety Relief

You’ve come here to relax your mind and soothe your body, so draw yourself a bath! Here is a list of our favorite essential oils for stress and anxiety with information on how best to treat yourself to ultimate relaxation.

Lavender Essential Oil: 

You can’t go wrong with a good ol’ bottle of pure, organic Lavender essential oil! With its well-known and even studied effects on stress and anxiety, Lavender is one of those essential medicine-cabinet kinda oils. Place a few drops into an essential oil diffuser, or a bath, and you’re well on your way to deep relaxation ~ Another great way to utilize a Lavender essential oil is to dilute it into a carrier oil (if you have sensitive skin) and put a nice drop of this under your nose every few hours so you can keep the calming essence with you all day! Out of our Lavender selection, we highly recommend playing around with our organic Bulgarian Lavender, which is the sweetest /most medicinal Lavender essential oil we’ve yet to experience.

Violet Chill:

A favorite of many for calming the nervous system and supporting the body into sleep at night time, Violet Chill is a violet cloud of calm! At any stage of experiencing stress or anxiety, massaging 5-10 drops into the bottoms of the feet is an efficient and effective way of reducing full-bodied tension. We have also found that this same procedure has helped many of our clients transition into sleep, for those who are currently having trouble relaxing. Some mothers choose to dilute this oil even further and put small amounts of this formulation onto the bottoms of their childrens’ feet, to aid in transitioning from wake time to sleep. Violet Chill is also great for applying to big bites, burns and rashes to reduce the level of inflammation or sting. If you don’t already, this is an overall great formulation to have in your medicine cabinet.


When digging into the topic of best essential oils for stress and anxiety, Nurture is like receiving a warm embrace from mother. Get lost in this sacred embrace with a deeply calming combination of Wildcrafted Peru Balsam Essential Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Sweet Marjoram, Wildcrafted Rhododendron, and CO2 Wildcrafted Red Spikenard. What we love so much about Nurture is that everybody tends to gravitate towards this blend! With its calming and nurturing properties, this can be another really amazing essential oil to apply directly to the bottoms of the feet. Put a few drops on the wrist points or on the heart centre every few hours to keep this warm embrace with you throughout the day.

Ultrasonic TULSI tincture: 


Though this article is titled Best Essential Oils for Stress and Anxiety, it’s important to share about some of the amazing ultrasonic tincture formulations that our customers really love for calming the nervous system. Tulsi – also referred to as Holy Basil – is a very powerful adaptogenic herb that many have found supported them with general feelings of stress and anxiety. With our novel Ultrasonic extraction method, we have crafted a Tulsi tincture that is extremely full-bodied and allows one to dive deep in relaxation. You can take 1/4 – 1 dropperful under the tongue when you are feeling any rising of stress or tension in your body for a quick shift into relaxation. Also great right before bed to ease the transition.

Cape Chamomile:

Another pure essential oil that is known for its effectiveness of reducing stress and tension in the body and mind is Cape Chamomile. This delicate flower is so gentle on the skin, that in many cases it doesn’t even need to be blended with a carrier oil. Massage Chamomile to the bottoms of the feet or pour a few drops of this sweet, floral essential oil into that bath tub you are drawing for yourself and melt into a deep stillness and peace. Just having a few deep inhalations of Cape Chamomile can totally shift the mood from distress to rest.

Sweet Marjoram:

This herbaceous, sweet, and soothing essential oil is one of those go-to pure essential oils. Sweet Marjoram is enjoyed by many for its use in aromatherapy. If you don’t have your own essential oil diffuser, you can put a few drops instead into a pot of hot water and inhale the vapors into your lungs. Sweet Marjoram is also great for the bath time, as well as blended into a lotion or carrier oil at a very low concentration. Per 8 oz of organic, unscented body lotion, just 10-15 drops will infuse your moisturizer into a luxurious, cooling, and decadent stress-reducing aid for your body temple. 



When it comes to essential oils for stress and anxiety, I’ve got to say, this one is truly essential! Trinity – as the name implies – is a simple blend of three all-organic oils. Sometimes, the most simple things in life are the most powerful. With Lavender, Peppermint, and Rosemary, Trinity is a great blend to smell or diffuse when needing to relax the body or mind. The true magic and our favorite way to work with the Trinity Blend is to take out a few drops onto the finger tips and then gently massage it into the temples of the head, as well as other areas on the head that may be feeling achy or sore from stress or tension. Trinity is also a great essential oil formulation for rubbing into any muscles that need a little extra love and support relaxation.


Kava Chill:

Another one of the more powerful formulations for relaxation we create is our Kava Chill. With many different Kava options to choose from on our website, I highly recommend this one when one desires a deep sense of relaxation. Kava Chill contains a blend of essential oils for stress and anxiety that has an almost instant impact on allowing the nervous system to rest. A person who is not experienced with Kava may choose to start with ¼ of a dropperful under the tongue before bedtime, while someone who knows this herbal remedy well could work with a dropperful at a time a few times throughout the day. 

Kava Chill is our specialty Kava blend that is intended specifically for anti-stress and relaxation, as it also includes essential oils for stress and anxiety! *Please do not take Kava if you are pregnant, under the influence of alcohol, or have a liver disorder, as Kava works on the gaba receptors of the body (similar to alcohol) and can take a toll on the liver if used frequently.*

Ultrasonic Ashwaghanda Tincture:

Another one of our go-to tincture formulations for reducing levels of stress & anxiety in the body and mind is Ashwaghanda. This super clear and focusing herbal remedy is subtle yet profound! When it comes to relaxing the body into a deeper state of peace, Ashwaghanda does it for me almost instantly, without feeling tired or slowed down afterwards. Flavorful, rich, and potent, this ultrasonic tincture was hand-crafted in-house by our Essential Oil Wizardry team, along with all of our other ultrasonic tinctures


The best ashwaghanda out there for real. This tincture has an amazing nutty caramel like flavor. I take it after a long day of working from home to help disconnect from the work day and ease into the night. Relaxation at its best.

Jonathan Wheeler

Verified Customer

Ultrasonic Skullcap Tincture:

Another amazing adaptogenic herb, Skullcap is an overall great tincture to have in your metacine cabinet! When you need to relax the mind, Skullcap will do the trick. When you need a burst of energy, once again, Skullcap has your back. I even have direct experience with Skullcap as supportive for taking the edge off of menstrual cramps, as it can as a truly herbal and natural relaxant to the body. I can’t recommend Skullcap more during these times!


Ultrasonic Passionflower Tincture:

One of our latest extractions has been of the Passionflower. This tincture is one-of-a-kind and has immense power for taking the edge off of life. I have found that one dropperful really quickly puts my mind into a better place, where it can relax, settle, and thus allow my whole being to go into a deeper state of calm. If you haven’t tried Passionflower yet, this is a very full-spectrum, Organic extraction tincture. It may just support you as it has me.

Many in our community lately have been seeking support for heightened levels of stress and anxiety that has been very prominent in the collective field lately. Always remember, that the answers are near! With these tinctures and essential oils for stress and anxiety, we hope that you can find some support and solace in the midst of a seemingly uncertain, and perhaps tense time. The plant metacines, after all, are here to help guide us back to our most natural & balanced state. May we all rest in deep peace within the centers of our hearts, during this time and always ~

♥ May Health & Peace Be With You ♥

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