As I bask in the awareness of having achieved such an easy flow to be received by an international community with regard to my products and presence, Bali served as a spacious reminder and empowerment for me. Feeling so free to explore life, consciousness and a relationship with the world around you. I felt that people fully utilized the gifts that are grown here and there was no need for importation ie. Fresh coconut milk, raw desserts with local foods.

Seeing the class system and engaging with it was a humbling experience for me – the awareness that a diversity of rich/poor, from the western perspective thoroughly exists here. For the first time in my life I fully experienced the concept of financial freedom from carrying $1500 in my pocket for the month ~ the purchasing power of the dollar went quite far here, especially when supporting the locals for service/food. Also I had a reflection about what this wealth meant, the responsibility of sharing/distributing it graciously and with balance. There seems to be gratitude for the presence of tourism on the island and an appreciation from many of the Balinese people to be of service.

Wherever in the world we seem to go, there we are. Wow at the reflection of all the opportunity which is abound!  Thank you Bali for these beautiful reflections ~