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Sourcing Pure Essential Oils & CO2 Extractions

At Essential Oil Wizardry,

we enjoy Resourcing all pure essential oils & CO2 extracts from all over the world. We are willing & happy to invest more resources for a considerably finer quality product! Whenever possible, we select certified organic or wildcrafted extractions. If unavailable, we only use pesticide-free/unsprayed – quality is of the utmost importance to Dr. Nick and his selection of fine botanicals. Whenever possible, extractions are sourced directly from the farmers, distillers and small collectives. Product sustainability & sourcing is considered in all investments (ie. limiting pure palo santo purchased, selling smaller bottles of rare/precious/exotics, creating potent ormus-enhanced single essence anointing oils (ie. Rose Anointing Oil).

Investments are well felt/thought into

Let’s take sourcing CO2 Extracted African Copal Bark into account!

Does not have organic certification ~ spraying trees are not common practice, not worried about pesticides.


What is it’s use? ACB is a botanical extract for botanical perfumery, not considered for culinary purposes or ingestion.


GC-MS and CofA are available – wonderful added bonus of supportive information.


Sample is ordered – organoleptic testing is incredible experience and definitely a Docta Approved investment for the Wizardry community!

To date, Dr. Nick sources his extracts from approximately 20 suppliers and is growing that number as time progresses.

How are we evolving the quality of our products, as we learn & grow?

  • At the turn of the year, we enhanced the concentrations of our Wizard Alchemy Blends by 15-35%
  • Each of our products are amplified using frequency and imprinted into the oils using orgonite.
  • Certain formulas are now selectively enhanced using Dead Sea Salts to amplify the potency of the final product.

What makes Essential Oil Wizardry Products Unique?

  • Our imported products are immediate placed into glass from aluminum or pharmaceutical-grade plastic (industry standard).
  • When blending our essential oil products both old & new, there is intention and ceremony – our goal is to create high potency, artisan-crafted essential oil products using scientific rationale, intuition & alchemy that develops safe & effective artistic formulas that create smiles and lifestyle solutions.
  • Care is taken in selecting the finest quality essential oils & CO2 extracts based on organoleptic testing where pedigree (certifications) comes secondary to vitality/potency/quality.
  • There is a clear distinct vibrancy present in each of our Pure Essential Oils / CO2 extractions / Wizard Alchemy Blends.
  • All our products are formulated / blended in small batches (ie. 4 oz – 1 gallon).
  • Each of our blends and essential oil products are vibrationally enhanced using 432 hz. crystal bowls. Every blend receives it’s own unique blend of notes based on qualities to enhance it’s specific signature.
  • We imprint our products using frequency to modulate the effectiveness of our formulations and potentiate our final products using orgonite.
  • Certain formulas are selectively enhanced using Dead Sea Salts to amplify the potency of the final product.
  • Our botanical extracts are purposefully sourced consciously and whenever possible directly from the source, currently hand-bottled/labeled by joyous humans.
  • Each batch is unique in quality and batches vary with the intention of always improving!
  • Dr. Nick stands behind each of our products, 100% – you will love your investment or receive a complete refund for the product(s) in question, less cost of shipping.

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