Essential Oil Wizardry wants to transform the planet with you! We found the perfect 5 acre property to build the foundation of these dreams!

How are you inspired to get involved? This is a massive vision and we’re calling all forms of support! Be creative and let us know your highest joy to supporting this vision ~ Looking forward to building out our property and having you on the property for public gatherings <3

Support the vision!

Here’s our plan for action to make changes in community, enhance research & development for botanical extracts and empowering land stewards around the world.

Step 1: Down-Payment for 5 acre property zoned for commercial processing with attached housing, facility for EOW shipping/fulfillment center, historical barn to house extraction equipment (industrial CO2 extraction, steam distillation) and testing equipment. Property has 3 acres for farming food / medicinal plants with legal water rights, zoned for extractions on-site! ($150k)

Step 2: Financing Mortgage for purchasing property ($650k)

Step 3: Setup Winterized Event Dome to host transformational botanical retreats. Our next door neighbor hosts a bed/breakfast and will be able to house large number of guests for our botanical retreats! ($55k)

Step 4: Renovations for the shipping/fulfillment center, restructuring barn, building out the gardens, creating gas heating / A/C solutions to promote optimum temperatures for product storage. Create architectural plans for approval with county of updated infrastructure to allow facilities up to codes (~200k)

Step 5: Invest in distillation / extraction / testing equipment OR partner with a extraction manufacturer sponsor ($350k)

Step 6: Team up with conscious investors to replicate community extraction model in collaboration with other sustainable communities to support indigenous wisdom and develop new botanical-based products in countries around the globe!

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