Ultrasonic CBD / Kava Tincture




Ultrasonic CBD / Kava Tincture

The ultimate liposomal CO2 Extracted Kava Kava & THC-Free Hemp Oil using ultrasonic waves to produce higher bioavailability into the body’s cells.  This product is formulated to contain approximately 300 mg of cannabidiol (CBD) from an Organic Hemp Oil produced in Colorado with all it’s THC removed through molecular distillation and approximately 1.8 grams of Kavalactones per ounce of product.

This product is fresh out of the wizard den ~ we are experimenting with an uplifting formula (euphoric / stimulating) & a recovery formula (relaxing / pain-inflammation).  Over coming months this product’s essential oil combinations will get dialed with this delightful marriage of CBD / Kava.  To my knowledge there is not another product like this ANYWHERE on the market – get ready, this one is epic.

This finished product will get shipped mid-late April after we produce our second batch / receive feedback from our first batch.  Our first batch will be shared/distributed at Lucidity Festival. In-JOY!

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1/2 Oz, 1 Oz


Uplifting, Recovery