Positive Transmission




~ Infuse + Consciousness ~

Ingredients – 100% pure & natural essential oils/CO2 extracts Pure (Vapor Oil) OR infused into Fractionated Coconut Oil (Blend) OR Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol (Essential Oil Tincture) OR infused into vitalized spring water (Magick Mister)

  • African Copal Bark (CO2)
  • Wildcrafted Cedar Atlas
  • Wildcrafted Elemi
  • Wildcrafted Frankincense (CO2)
  • Organic Myrrh (CO2)
  • Wildcrafted Tulsi (Holy Basil)
  • Wildcrafted White Sage, CA Harvested

Docta’s Notes

The third ceremonial blend in the series came through the inspiration of sacred tea. This blend infuses liquid light of divine vibration extracts through the compilation of woods, resins, bark and herbs. African Copal Bark, Cedar Atlas & Myrrh combine to produce a solid base. The tulsi, frankincense and white sage infuse to elevate and expand the blend to higher consciousness. Elemi works well at combining and potentiating the grounded and elevated essences. As the tea was brewing, the light came through this resonant portal called Positive Transmission.

When this formula was developed, the purpose and usage was initially unclear. **Tincture** was the solution when I felt and listened of this offering’s larger purpose. Perfect as a concentrate for vaporization and for developing tinctures ~ when ingested, a person’s higher self is called forward and the experience when call in more light and positive energy. Best use in conjunction with other Ceremonial Creations (Purity & Psychic Protection).

Not for topical use as tulsi contains methyleugenol and is a potent skin irritant.

Additional information


1 Dram Tincture, 15 mL Tincture, 30 mL Tincture, 5 mL Pure, 15 mL Pure, 2 oz Mister, 5 mL Blended, 10 mL Blended

Product Type

Tincture, Pure (Vapor Oil), Magick Mister, Essential Oil Blend

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